Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The baby monkey.

There once was a baby monkey. His name was Izzy. He loved to climb on EVERYTHING. Not only did he like to climb, he LOVED to take things OUT. Out of everything. Wipes, books, toys. Out of grocery bags with the nice freshly bought groceries all over the floor. The dirty clothes out of the hamper. The toys out of the bath tub. The candy out of the box. The food off of his tray, I guess that was as close to OUT as he could get. The diapers out of the crate. The crackers out of the box. Well, I think you get the picture. And to the mommy monkey's ever frustration, baby monkey would NEVER put anything IN!

Can you guess how my days have been going? Chasing an 18 month old toddler is like living with a wild monkey. He's CONSTANTLY on the move, taking everything OUT, and just causing general havoc. Cleaning is pointless, or so it seems. After all, he just follows behind and takes it all OUT again. This is my biggest frustration. Why does it all have to come out? Why can't some of it stay in? He has no preference as to what must be out, except that it must be EVERYTHING he comes in contact with. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Izzy certainly has the muma sound down now. I think he realizes it's a word, a name. He is also vocalizing quite a bit more. Screaming at the top of his lungs in joy as he takes things OUT. He is also trying very hard to run. Run away from me and everything I'm trying to get him to do. Oh, did I mention that when things come out, they are not just placed on the ground...oh no, that would be too neat and orderly, they are THROWN. AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. If you happen to be in the way of said thrown object, watch out, cause it may just hurt.

Izzy has this area on the floor surrounding his high chair that is covered in crumbs and half eaten crackers and fruit bars. It's cleaned daily, however it never stays that way. By the end of the day, it always appears as though we haven't cleaned up after him since he was born. And he is boycotting milk. Just won't drink it anymore. Can you guess what he does with the cup when he gets something he doesn't like, or it's empty? If you guessed THROW IT well you win the grand prize. I don't remember my other children needing to throw things like this. Or to take everything out. Or to make constant messes. He is not content to sit and play, but on the MOVE. I'm beginning to regret that whole teaching him to walk thing. Needless to say, work is a refuge to me, how sad is that?