Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Very Few Things Make Want To Cry When Reading Them

However, reading what I read today does. It also makes me want to wake up all of my children and just hold them so much closer.

There is a woman, Amanda, who is from the same message board for moms of kids born in March of 06 as I am. Her daughter Alaina was born shortly before Izzy. She and her family really need your prayers and thoughts and good energy and all of that right now.

The women on this board are close, damn close. We have a lot of different personalities and quirks, but amazingly, 4 and a 1/2 years later, we still chat with one another and share our lives as though we lived next door to one another. They are one of my few contacts with other adults, they are a life line to me. These women, along with one other board, are my closest friends, and I've only met one of them in person.

Amanda had a little girl a few days ago. Her name is Lea. She was born with an infection in her lungs. That infection spread to the rest of her body through her blood. She couldn't keep her vitals stable. The doctors tried everything they could. Their final option was to do a complete blood transfusion in hopes that would remove the infection from her body. Lea would need to be put on a heart/lung bypass for this to happen. Sadly, Lea passed away earlier today.

Please keep Lea's family in your thoughts and prayers tonight and over the next few days. Amanda is the mom, and she's married to Nick. They have 3 other kids, Dyllan, Alaina, and Jack.


mamamia said...

it made me cry too, I can't even begin to imagine the pain this poor family is going through and at this time of the year!
How heartbreakingly tragic! I will keep them in my prayers.

M. said...

prayers all around. as much son sleeps in his bed tonight for the firt time, i am half tempted to go pick his little toddler body up and put him in bed with me so i can snuggle tightly.

blessings to Lea's family.