Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year and All That Jive

So it's a New Year. This is to be the Year of Moderation, at least in theory. I don't know if it's going well or not, but most likely not. Tis the way of life if you ask me.

Izzy is now a "big boy". He is officially sleeping upstairs in what is now the Boys' room, no longer just James' room. *sigh* How did he get so big and grown? He is on what used to be the top bunk of the bunk beds. I rearranged the room so that one side of the bed is against the wall and the outer side is the one that used to have the full length railing, which Jason put back on so Izzy won't fall out while he tosses and turns. I also picked him up a new bedding set tonight. It is this set. I think that for James' belated birthday gift I will get him this set, to coordinate with Izzy's. Izzy isn't using pillows yet, at least not regular sized ones, maybe I'll pick him up some when I pick up James' set.

The girls room is slowly progressing, thanks to Jason. He has done quite a bit of work up there. One of my goals for the New Year is to work on their room every day that I don't work at Wal-Mart. My goal is to have it all the way painted by the end of January. I'd love to say it will be all done, however I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot with that.

I think Jason and I have decided that we won't be painting any more walls. We have peeling wallpaper under the paint on our walls. So we need to peel the wallpaper up. However, because our house is so old, we have plaster walls under that, real honest to goodness plaster walls. The wall paper is acting as a protector to those walls, like the layer of paper on the top of drywall. So when we strip the wallpaper, we'd have to put up something else to help protect the plaster. I think we are going to just go with more wall paper. I like this idea because it does open a huge array of designs and color possibilities for decorating. Also I won't have to tape off and paint.

The kids go back to school tomorrow, can I get a Big HOORAY??? I love my children dearly, however they do help create the choas and really don't do much to contain it. Right now, my dining room looks like Tornado Issac hit it. I'd say Hurricane, however there was little to no precipitation when the storm went through.

The nurse from the mid-wives office called me back on Friday after I had left for work, of coarse. She left a message on the voice mail telling me that the results that they have gotten back are normal. I will be calling them tomorrow to ask for more details and to see if they have any other results. Patty, the mid-wife I saw when I went it, ordered enough labs to be done that they took 10 vials of blood! 10! We also discussed other possibilities for the miscarriages. She said she strongly feels it's either developmental/chromosonal as the baby is forming or I'm not producing enough progesterone to suppor the pregnancy beyond a certain point. So the solution is 2 fold. She prescribed for me to take a daily vitamin, though I take 2 children's chewables because the grown up ones don't agree with my stomach and make me throw up, and 2 mg of folic acid a day. She also told me that once I do become pregnant, she will have me come in and do another blood draw and test my hormone levels. Then she will most likely prescribe for me to be on a progesterone suppository for 12 weeks or more.

Jason and I have decided a couple of things. First off is if we have another loss, we won't be trying for another baby after that. The 2nd thing is once our birthdays arrive in June, we will sit down and discuss if we want to continue trying or if we are going to be done and Jason is going to do the follow up with permanent measures to prevent. While we both would love another baby, we do not want to keep doing this for forever.

I'm going to have to say Christmas was a success for the kids. They received quite a bit of stuff. Now it's just a matter of trying to find a place for it all.

With Izzy's crib now taken down and stored upstairs, I have my office space back. I'll be working on reorganizing the mess in here tomorrow. I bought a filing cabinet last night and my hope is that will help.

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