Monday, January 28, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I've been on hiatus it seems. Where did I go? No where really, however I've taken a break from a lot of things. Now it's time for me to get my groove back. I want to start posting here at least twice a week. I also want to regularly work on my other blog.

What's this, another blog? Well, yes Bob. It's a blog for my writing, my creative fiction stuff. I'm not sure if it'll be a continuing story or bits and pieces or how it will go exactly. Tis the nature of the creative beast after all. I've only posted there twice since it's birth, so who's to say. The link to this darling pet project is Serial Mommy's Muse and I ask you all to go give it a perusal and keep tabs on it and let me know what you think.

Lately I've been reading quite a few romance novels, or Bodice Busters as Jason calls them. I have been trying to figure out how to write sex in an appealing way. I'm finding in the Bodice Busters it's much too flowery. In Hustler and the like, it's much too crass. I'm trying to find the middle ground. I don't want to just say "They had sex. It was good." After all, that's not how I have sex, and I'm pretty sure others are the same, so why wouldn't I write it realistically?

We got a new printer/copier/scanner/fax dohickey. All right, I KNOW what it is, after all, I'm the one that set it up. The ink cartridges for our last dohickey cost an arm and a leg, and in all honesty, I don't think Jason wanted me to sell Izzy in to future slavery with the company in order to be able to purchase them, so I got something different. Now I get to try to figure out what to do with the old dohickey. I have a feeling it's going to make it's way to the basement or the upstairs storage room and sit there in the dust and dirt until it becomes a true antique about 20 or 30 years down the road. Maybe we'll be able to take it "Antiques Road Show" and find out it's worth something someday.

Now, the new printer comes with ink issues all of it's own. It came with a color cartridge, so I had to purchase the black one seperately. Not a big deal, until I got home and realized, wait a minute, there is a color cartridge in this box. Well eternal Damnation! Good thing I bought it at MY Wal-Mart (that's an entirely different thing, and I'll get to it in a second). I called up there and Bob (yes, that's his real name) told me to come on back. So I did, the manager approved my return, Wal-Mart usually doesn't accept ink cartridge return or exchanges, just so you know. I was going to exchange it for another black, however they were all out. Ugh. So I went across the street to Meijer, paid $2 more and got a black one. I come home, and for some reason the new printer is not recognizing the color cartridge. The one that came with the printer. And of coarse I'm doing all of this at 2 AM and the online chat closes at 11 at night. Whatever happened to all night support for us insomniacs? Long story made shorter, I get a hold of them this morning, the fix it solution they give me doesn't work, they tell me it's a problem with the cartridge and they will send me a new one free of charge. It'll be here in about a week. Whoop dee do.

Now, the MY Wal-Mart thing. I'm not sure why, but that is how we are supposed to think of it, as MY Wal-Mart. It even says on our registers "Welcome to your Wal-Mart". There is an Employee Stock Purchase Program. However, you have to be there for over a year, of which I am currently no where near. Go figure. I don't think that is quite what they are talking about. So I've gotten in to the habit of calling it MY Wal-Mart.

So this year is supposed to be the Year of Moderation. Yeah, not going so great, no big surprise there. I did get two new DVD's in my eternal quest to lose weight and be healthier. I've lost some weight, but let me tell you, it certainly isn't much more than a tiny drop in the bucket. I also keep telling myself that I need to dig out my ab slide. The fact that I have to "dig it out" should give you a big indication about how motivated I am to exercise at all, ever. However, I MUST do this in order to be healthy. Why does healthy mean I have to work out? Why can't I be lazy and healthy?

Izzy is the eternal terror. We have taken to calling him Tiny Terror. He will be 2 in just 2 short months, Heaven help us all. He is still very much obsessed with taking things OUT. This creates for a VERY messy dining and living room. Picking up only does good as long as he's not allowed back in to the room. Why must he take my books off the shelves and the DVD's out of place? Why oh why do they belong on the floor? His toys I can follow the logic on, but that stuff? And my yarn? If it has yarn, it MUST be out, at least it seems to be his line of thinking. At least he's getting some hair. And he's still cute. Trust me, it's the cuteness that keeps him going, because if it were just behavior wise, he'd ALWAYS be cooped up somewhere.

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