Sunday, February 10, 2008

Michigan Flying Tree Frogs?

What are those? Michigan Flying Tree Whats? So Jason comes to me last night. He says "Dude, I know what I'm going to write a kids' book about! Michigan Flying Tree Frogs!" To which I OBVIOUSLY respond with "What the HELL are you talking about?"

"Ok, so when I was in college..."

Folks, keep in mind, any story that starts "Ok, when I was in college" involves my darling hubby previously stoned or drunk or both and the fact that he can remember anything at all is VERY impressive to me.

"Um, you actually remember when you were in college?"
"Yes, now let me continue! So, when I was in college, my buddy Jamie, he's a guy.."
"I know Jamie, you've talked about him before"
"He had this girlfriend and her family invited a bunch of us up to her family's cabin on Torch Lake..."
"Yeah, you've told me about Torch Lake before too. It was a huge party."
"That's the one. Anyway, the girlfriend, I can't remember her name now..." to which I give him the look of non-surprise at that tidbit "and it was either her or her family, not sure which..." again with the look of non-surprise from me "and they told me about Michigan Flying Tree Frogs."
"Ok, what the HELL are Michigan Flying Tree Frogs?"
"If you would stop interupting, I'd tell you. It's when you fart and you blame it on the frogs."
"Yeah, it's when you cut a righteous nasty one and you blame it on the frogs man"

This last statement was done is Jason's "Surfer Dude" voice, think of the Sea Turtles from the movie "Finding Nemo". I'm convinced that he can do this voice so well because it's how he talked while he was in college, the ENTIRE 6 years he was there. Oh yeah, did I mention college was happy fun drunk stoned time for Jason? If only we could all of had that all expenses paid vacation on our parent's tab.

I've been known to "get down". Ok, not really. I am definately NOT the party girl. I've never seen the appeal of getting so you don't know who or what you are. Please explain to me that. I mean really. Ok, you forget life for a while, however when you come crashing back, not only is life still there you have a pounding headache and an upset stomach on top of it all.

I'm not saying I'm a tight old priss. I enjoy having fun, just not where I have to obliderate myself for it. I have a CSM at work who has a difficult time believing that I'm a year older than her. She tells me my whole outlook and attitude is just one of someone so much younger. I'm pretty sure it's a compliment, I think.

They (I still have yet to figure out who the infamous "they" is) say that children help you be young. Well I must be freaking 12! I enjoy playing with the kids. I'm a hard ass when I need to be, but I really like the fun stuff too. Crafts and sledding and goofing off. I am the QUEEN of goofing off, thank you very much.

I mean, sure, if I were more "adult" I'd keep a cleaner house. I wouldn't have so many issues with budgeting our money. I'd be "responsible" and yet oh so boring, at least in my mind. That's just not me, and thankfully Jason understands that. I think Jason's "party years" have kept him rather young as well. After all, he was raised by folks old enough to be his grandparents. And when you are raised by your "grandparents" you tend to come out "older". At least that is MY take on it all.

We have a nicely insulated attic now. I think it was a debacle, though it did get completed. The first blower died. The motor went toast, and it took the outlet that my washer and dryer plug in to with it. I really need that outlet. Dad said he'd come by and fix it for us, thankfully. They took that blower back and got another. The guys kept clogging that one up.

I had to call in to work. I kind of lied, but not really. I really do have 3 sick kids and a hubby with a sinus infection. I just forgot to mention that the hubby was in the attic putting in fresh insulation. My brother got here at 3, which was plenty of time for me to get to work, however I really don't think he would have wanted to watch the kids. Or get up in the attic and put down the insulation while Jason kept an eye on the kids. Dad was outside loading the hopper. Jack came up with the idea of slowly putting in the insulation. Amazingly, even though it seemed like it took longer to do it that way, the time save from trying to unclog the hose every 10 minutes evened it out.

At 7 they were DONE! There is now a noticeable difference when you go upstairs. Oh wait, there is no longer a noticeable temperature difference when you go upstairs. It used to be that you'd go up and the temp would drop about 5 or 7 degrees. Now it is the same as downstairs and I think that it will work it's way to warmer. I'm really hoping we start spending less on the energy bill.

The girls' room still isn't done. I've been slacking on that. Remember that childish youth of mine? It also makes me a HUGE procrasitnator. Katy Beth comes next weekend, I'd like to have the walls painted by then, and the curtains at least made if not hung. I orderd some really cute curtain rods for in there. I'm going to have Katy pick out the bedding for their room. I'm torn between two different styles, I just can't make up my mind. Jayden doesn't care either way. I figure if Katy makes the choice, it'll help her feel like she has some input in it all and it's really her room as well.

Right now I'm up in the air about something else too. I'm trying to decide if I want to write a letter to Vyky's dad. Just to ask how she is, see if maybe he'll send me a pic of her. I honestly don't think he'll respond in any way. I don't know if I have courage to write and mail the letter. We shall see.

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