Friday, May 22, 2009

Doctor Appointment

Well, I met with a different doc. He'll be the one to do the c-section, at least the SCHEDULED one. He doesn't think I'll make it much beyond 36 weeks, though I have to wonder. I've read where LOTS of mommies that are pregnant with twins have made it WELL past 36 weeks. So we'll see.

The c-section is tenatively scheduled for the 31st of July. That should tickle my mom's fancy. That is my grandpa's birthday, the same grandpa that I happen to be naming Jack after. That is pretty much exactly 10 weeks from now. Am I ready? Um, yes and no. We have stuff for the babies. If they were born tomorrow and could come home the same day, we'd be o.k. The room isn't finished painting yet. All of their clothes need to be washed. We do have the 2 car seats. I haven't picked up the bouncy seats yet. It seemed like my sister was wanting to do that, though I'm not sure. So I have to figure out a nice way to ask her if she is going to, without sounding like it is what I'm expecting. Honestly, I'd rather do it myself.

The babies are growing like weeds. Doctor Rodriguez thinks that the babies will just keep growing at the pace they are now. Abbey is 2 pounds 15 oz and Jack is 3 pounds 2 oz. They are also each measuring a couple of days ahead, which is fine, especially considering they'll be born before 40 weeks. They are also both breech now, and it seems as though they both have the cord wrapped around their necks. Both good reasons for a c-section. The doctor was also concerned that IF they both went head down, and I were to be induced, with the combination of the two of them and how big they'll be, there is a great risk for uterine rupture. He agrees with me in saying that they will come out somewhere between 6 and 7 pounds each. He said it wouldn't surprise him if they weighed AT LEAST 7 (meaning possibly a little more) when they are born, if they make it to 38 weeks. That would be at least 14 pounds of baby alone, not to mention the weight of all the fluid and placentas. That would be a great deal of stress on my uterus and why he thinks my uterus will go on strike somewhere between 35 and 36 weeks. He said I'll be one of those women who stands up and I'll have fluid running down my leg and show up in the hospital with a towel between my legs trying to maintain the mess!

Because of the babies being breech (and it seems they may not turn back around because they are running out of room, right now, it's like ONE full term baby is in there), the cords around their necks, and the possibility of them getting TOO big, once I am 32 weeks along (my birthday ironically, I'll be 32 weeks on my 32nd birthday), I get to start going in weekly for check up appointments. He wants me to have scans twice a week, but he didn't write it out like that, and if it becomes a necessity, I'm sure it can be corrected. Does anyone have a cot I can borrow to just set up in the lobby? I DO find it amusing that a concern is for the babies to be too BIG, usually the concern is just the opposite with having them too SMALL and being born too early.

I like this doctor MUCH better than the one I saw the first time. He is very personable and humorous. He was shocked that I don't want anything done to my tubes even though he'll have me all cut open anyway. Both Jason and I agree that HE will be doing the permanent solution. Which is going to have to be rescheduled, because it is currently scheduled for when I am 36 weeks a 2 days. With it being a free procedure (I'll explain how in a minute) it makes sense for him to have it done. I've spoken with many many women who have had tubals done in some form and they have ALL had some kind of issues with it. Some as minor as just feeling a pain there once a month when the body tries to ovulate to having their entire cycles thrown out of whack. That is something I just don't want to go through. The procedure for Jason is free because he is going through Planned Parenthood to have it done. They do a sliding scale fee, based on your income and family size. Apparently they deem that he really should have it done (hehe) and we really can't afford it, or something like that. He's going to reschedule it for some time in August considering we KNOW the babies will be here in July.

I need to get a hold of Linda, the kids' grandma, and find out what she would like to do. I don't want to send them to her when I hit 35 weeks and then the babies not come until the scheduled date of the section. I know I won't be able to take them to her. There is NO way I could get approval from the doc to do that! I know I'll be pushing it to bring Katy Beth home the first week of July. I'll make sure to have Jason with me on that trip, just to be on the safe side. Now that Jason is working, I really think we'll be able to pay for the tickets for Linda to come get the kids, but I'm not sure WHEN she would want to do that.

I also need to make sure that I have some rather local people available to take care of the kids until Audra (and I'm assuming his mom and possibly the male members of the family as well) can get here. I have people lined up for at night, but not during the day. I'll figure it out. I have some family I can ask. I need the back up, just in case it goes as the doc says it will, and I go earlier than planned.

I suppose that is all for now. I have people asking for belly pics, so I asked Jason if he could do some, maybe while we are at my mom's on Monday. I hope everyone has a nice, calm, and uneventful holiday weekend. Prayers and blessings!

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