Saturday, April 12, 2008

Girls and Horses

And other stuff too. However, I started reading another blog and it's about a woman who lives out on a cattle ranch with her cowboy hubby and their four kids. It got me thinking about girls and horses and their absolute attraction and fascination with those majestic creatures.

It's usually young girls who have the obsession with horses. They find them sleek and beautiful and muscular and strong and tender and caring. Which they are. I think this attraction to horses carries over to our (women in general) attraction to the opposite sex. It's what we look for in our men. Read that list. Doesn't it sound familiar to you? You had a list similar to that when you were looking for "The One". I know you did, I did too.

So even as pre-pubescent, pre-hormonal children we are already setting ourselves up for our "ideal". Wow. Talk about deep. And a HUGE letdown.

Look at your spouse/significant other now. How close are they to that list? Did you settle? I don't think so. I think something else happened. You fell in love and realized that there was so much more than that list. And THAT is what being a grown up is about.

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