Thursday, April 24, 2008

No one likes a stupid girl.

No one likes a stupid girl. This is the argument I am constantly having with Jayden. She is absolutely convinced that she would rather be beautiful than smart. I try to tell her she can be both, she tells me she can't. She has it in her thick ass head that she needs to be beautiful. Part of it is for attention. James gets a lot of it because of his behavior. Izzy gets a lot of it because he's "the baby". Jayden may feel like she's being left out in the cold.

That girl infuriates the hell out of me. She doesn't do her school work correctly, or just doesn't do it all. She brings home papers that are obviously wrong or not all the way filled out. Today she is learning a hard lesson. She is inside, working on her uncompleted and obviously wrong work while her brothers are outside playing. She is crying and throwing a fuss, which of coarse annoys me even more.

How do I know it's obviously wrong? Because she KNOWS how to do the stuff. It's simple stuff, like count the circles. She can count the circles, however she writes a random number in and expects it to be accepted as is. Here is the part that really frustrates my children where their homework is concerned. I will tell them what they got wrong, however I will NOT tell them the right answer. I know, I'm HORRID! :-D

My darling blonde beauty just asked me "do you think I'm smart?"
"Yes, when you want to be, when you try." To which she responded with more crying. I really HATE the crying. It's just so whiny and pointless. Buck up and do it already! No, I'm not a sympathetic person I guess. Call me heartless and cruel. I really don't care. Crying will not get those circles counted, not matter how much she does it. All it will do will infuriate me, which may lead to a spanking, and then having to sit there and count them all the same.

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