Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's All Off

It all feels off right now, everything is what I mean. Jason was layed off from work, supposedly temporarily, though they can't say exactly WHEN he'll go back, on Friday the 5th. So he has been home every day since then. That certainly contributes to the feeling of "offness".

This past week I was HORRIDLY sick. I know it's a great excuse, unfortunately, it was TRUE. I HATE being sick. It sucks like nothing else. I have Jason to thank for that sickness as well. I didn't even kiss him and I still got sick! If I would have known I'd get sick anyway, I wouldn't have not kissed him. Yeah yeah, double negative and all that.

I couldn't breathe out of anything but my mouth. My lips got SO chapped from it too. I was sneezing and blowing my nose and just in absolute misery. Blech. I didn't feel like cooking, so the fam survived on either take out or boxed frozen crap. Either way, not what I would prefer to feed them.

I didn't talk to Jenn or Daisy much at all this week. With Jason being home every day, I took advantage and did a lot of sleeping. Oddly, that was a blessing. He does throw off my "usual" computer time during the day however. I'm used to getting up and turning on the comp and messaging on my regular boards and chatting with some friends and then getting to my housework and wrangling of the heathens. However, when I get up now, much too late in the day I might add because Jason is either super nice or just afraid of what might happen if he woke me, Jason is on the comp doing something with one of his games or something like that. Totally throws me off.

I love my husband dearly. I also really like him to have a job. Besides the obvious pay the bills reasons, there is the "get the hell out of my hair 5 days a week" reason. He is going stir crazy being home. He is finding out first hand how hard it is to keep the house clean and get things done with them running around like rabid puppies strung out on meth. Nice image huh?

I digress as usual. Today, he WASHED the bathroom ceiling. He needed something to do while I was ChaChaing and playing a game. He says he's going to paint it with the ceiling paint. I pointed out that I'd like the boys' room to be painted. We'll see how far that suggestion goes.

He's been helping out with craft time and the wrangling of the heathens. I told him to go out earlier today, spend some time alone, away from the house. He put me off. He said he'll go out on Monday. Um, ok. I have therapy at 1:30 so I certainly hope you are either home by then, or you can wait until after I get back.

I got a call on Friday letting me know that James is now in the more intensive therapy program. I know they do other stuff than "just" therapy, however I'm not quite sure WHAT that is yet. We missed his psychiatrist appt at the beginning of the month. I thought that it was on the 4th, turns out it was on the 2nd. Oops. It's now rescheduled for the 29th. I'm going to ask him (the psychiatrist) for a full report on what he believes James' diagnosies are so that I can apply for SSI once again. The first time was an absolute flop. It turns out that at the time I applied, the agency we had receieved services from before was going through a huge staff change and the people who were in charge of our case before left the agency. That means that the forms for the application weren't filled out and turned back in. Well CRAP. That was most of my supporting evidence right there!

It turns out that the closest in depth physio/psycho analysis is about 3 hours from here. It takes place over the period of 3 days. Good lord. I have Larry looking for one closer. When I meet with the young lady on Monday to start the paperwork for the new program, I'll ask her about finding one closer. I don't mind driving an hour or so, but not 3 hours one way over a 3 day period. Ugh!

I'm hoping next week is a little less "off". I'll try to be more faithful to my blog. I still have Thanksgiving pics to post, along with the pumpkin cupcakes from last week. Prayers and blessings everyone. I hope your week is filled with joy and happiness.

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Rambleman said...

So very sorry to hear that you're so stressed out right now. Also sorry that your hubby got layed-off. *HUGS*