Monday, December 29, 2008

Where oh Where Have I Been?

It's the holiday season which means busy busy busy. And then more busy.

Baking, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, travelling, gifting, visiting. You know, all that craziness.

I got the bee in my bonnet that I would make homemade breads on top of doing homemade cookies. My in-laws benefited from this, my mom however did not. I was just so tired after getting home from the in-laws that I said "I'm going to bed" and then the next day there just wasn't the time. Oh, we did manage to forget the camera at my mom's house, not that we were actually USING it or anything though. I *think* Jason *might* have taken some pics of the kids as his sis' place, but don't quote me on that, at all.

We've had crazy weather around here. The week before Christmas it was record freezing temps and snow snow snow snow and then more snow. Over Christmas we had RAIN and record HIGH temps. Go figure.

Our van is crying for repairs, however we won't have the money until we get our income tax return some time in February is my guess. We don't drive much, especially now that all the holiday visiting is all done, so she *should* (knock on lots of wood and say lots of prayers) ok until then. We have one trip to see Katy at the end of January and that will be all. I may ask my sister to borrow her car for that trip just to feel safer.

We still haven't done our gifts for the kids. They are all wrapped and under the tree. We were going to do them this morning, however the only kid that is awake at 6 minutes to 10 in the morning is Izzy. They did go to bed pretty late last night. Even Jason is still asleep.

Lately, he has been letting me sleep in, which is really nice, but it totally throws my schedule off. Of coarse, just having him home all day, every day throws my schedule off. He is getting very upset with being home all the time. Apparently, the kids and I are a lot to handle all day every day. Uh, yeah, DUH on that one! Hehe. I love the man dearly, but he was definately meant to be at work. Stay at Home Dad he is not.

James sees the psychiatrist this afternoon. It's just a med check really. I'm going to ask the doc about applying for SSI and if he feels James would qualify. We applied last year, and between the fact that our old case managers left the agency we had been working with for the past couple of years and not having any recent workups of James and all of that, it was denied. The application didn't even have the most pressing issues listed on it as reasons for applying. It was a debacle all around. Now that we are in the more intensive therapy program, and with James seeing the psychiatrist regularly, we are going to reapply.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I will be back to posting regularly now that the hulabaloo has died down. Prayers and blessings everyone.


The Rambleman said...

Hope you get approved for the SSI. We had a happy holiday. We're not good at taking lots of pics anymore for some reason.

Minnesota Matron said...

Honey? Are you in the frozen wasteland wherein the Matron resides? Ice, everywhere.