Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If My Camera Weren't Elsewhere

I would take a pic of my middle of the night snack. I was hungry. I remembered we had chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge. MMMMMM. Oh, we have ice cream too! Yum YUM! Anyway, I take a little spoon of cookie dough and some ice cream, and voila, cookie dough ice cream!

OK, I'm awake that the LOVELY hour of 3:26 in the morning because my DARLING (heavy HEAVY sarcasm there) almost 3 year old son is ALSO awake. Apple pie and ice cream at 10 at night was apparently a BAD idea....jeez. Or he just doesn't want to go to bed, either way, he's watching "Meet the Robinsons" right now. He already made it through "Over the Hedge". I'd like to head to bed myself, but there is no way it's going to happen with him awake!

Katy's Christmas gift is coming in handy however. My mom and step dad gave her a portable DVD player for a gift. This evening I've been entertaining myself with season 1 of "That 70's Show". I love that show. I can so see myself in Kitty, and in Redd too!

We met the new therapist today. Her name is Elsa. Apparently once a week we'll be meeting with her as an entire family and then once a week with her and Jason and I. She mentioned something about working on parenting and what not. It was my understanding that James would have to stop his therapy with his other therapist because this new person would be working with him on that. I'll ask her about that next week.

Poor Izzy. He was outside playing today with Jason and the olders. He slipped on some ice. He fell face first, as usual. He skinned up his nose and his lips pretty well. His top lip is pretty fat. Poor kid.

I thought about baking bread today. I took a nap with Izzy and slept til about 5:30. So much for baking bread for dinner.

I see the intake nurse on Friday afternoon. I'll have to do the glucose test, and some other blood tests too I'm sure. I have to do the glucose test twice because I'm fat and I have a family history of diabetes. I've never had gestational diabetes, however it seems they need to make doubly sure I don't get it.

Once I see the nurse, in a week or two I'll see a mid-wife for the 1st time. The mid-wives have delivered all of my kids, with the exception of James. I lived in Chicago when I was pregnant with him, so it was a bit of a long drive to use the same mid-wives. I'm familiar with most of them, with their group. Usually they won't do an early ultra sound, however I'm hoping that with the miscarriages over the past year and a half that she might order one. I know that I will feel a bit more at ease once I see the baby, or hear the heart beat.

One of my worries is twins. I know that there are no twins in either mine or Jason's family, at all, ever. I really don't want to be the parent of the first set! From what I understand the chances of twins increase with age and with the number of children you have. I'll be 32 in June, so I'm not that old. However this will be my 10th pregnancy. I've given birth to 5 kids and had 4 miscarriages. ACH!!! That means the odds seem to be pretty high, at least fluke wise.

Ok, I should go, I think the sneaky boy just snuck a piece of apple pie. Which he really doesn't need. I'm going to try to get him to go to bed. In his own bed. He keeps trying to sneak in to my room and crash out on my bed. The little heathen. Prayers and blessings everyone. Have a pleasent rest of the week.


busymama said...

I hope all is well with your pregnancy. Not to be the bearer of bad Karma...but my fifth pregnancy we had twins and I was 32! YIKES! They aren't so hard though, some lost sleep for the first million years or so, but that goes away. Hope your little one doesn't keep you awake again tonight.


Rambleman said...

Hope you get some sleep one day. Sending prayers and happy thoughts to you and your family for everything to workout for everyone. *hugs*