Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm So Sleepy.

Sigh, it just keeps adding on. Of coarse, pregnancy is like that. You are tired and nauseous and nauseous and tired. Add a bunch of unpredictable moodiness, odd cravings at weird times (the other night I REALLY wanted an omlette and hash browns) and gaining weight steadily and you have the PERFECT recipe for World's Crankiest Woman. Welcome to how it is for dear Jason. Thankfully, he loves me and is VERY tolerant of me.

I keep having dreams of having twins. I honestly don't think I'm having twins however. I think it's more because I can't visualize this baby as either boy or girl, but just healthy and born. The more I think of it, the more I realize that my entire goal is to make it August and give birth to a healthy baby.

I had my first official appointment today. It was with the admit nurse. You get to do the going over the family history, how many times have you been pregnant (this is my 10th pregnancy, jeez louise!), birth control after the baby is born (Jason is getting the Big V for his birthday in June, love ya babe!), etc. etc. etc. Because I'm fat (I don't beat around the bush on that) I also get to do the diabetes test NOW and AGAIN at 28 weeks. An ultrasound wasn't ordered, which made me a little sad.

That being said, there is some genetic testing that can be done between 10 (I'll be 10 weeks on January 14) weeks and 14 weeks, and it involves an ultra sound. Usually, I deny genetic testing because it doesn't matter to me. When the pregnancy is meant to end, it will end naturally in one way (birth) or another (miscarriage) and no amount of test results will change my mind on that. However, as I would REALLY like to see this baby, I'm going to call and talk to them on Monday about doing the testing. It's either that, or invent a "problem". I don't want to invent a "problem" because to me, that just seems to be inviting trouble, know what I mean? My next appointment is on Jan. 27 and I get to see a mid-wife at that point.

In other news, we met with our new family therapist on Tuesday. I need to call her on Monday. I accidently overlapped scheduling with her and Izzy's speech therapist. Melissa used to come on Thursdays, she now comes on Tuesdays and I'm still getting used to the change. I also want to ask about therapy for James and what exactly she intends for our appointments with just Jason and I.

She mentioned "parenting" vaguely. She also said she would come twice a week, once to work with us as a family as a whole and once to work with just Jason and I. Now me, I already have a personal therapist whom I like a great deal. She and I are already working on aspects of parenting, along with other things. To me, it seems rather redundant, and a waste of resources to have Elsa ALSO doing this. I was also told that James would have to stop seeing his therapist because with the new program they would do that with him. So far, no mention of that has taken place. James needs that one on one therapy.

It looks like we are going to be close to snowed in this weekend. Jason is going to need to go to Home Depot or Lowe's tomorrow afternoon to get parts for the lock for the front door however. Our landlord is coming over on Sunday to a pre-run through of the rental inspection. I'd like to have the door done, or at least have Jason working on it when Garry gets here. I need to work on tidying up the office and the storage room. I also need to get to Wal-Mart (crap, it's looking like a family trip tomorrow evening) so I can get a few bottles of natural deoderizer for the carpet upstairs. We need something that will soak through the carpet in to the pad. I had one bottle of stuff that worked REALLY well in the living room. It's somewhat expensive, however it will definately be worth the cost.

I suppose that is all for now. I told James to give me until 7 before he came to bug me about making dinner. We're having pizza bagels. I was thinking of tasty and easy. I can also make some that are just cheese for Izzy. Prayers and blessings everyone. I hope you have a safe, and warm weekend. Oh, if you can see her, say hello to the full moon for me this week as we will be cloud covered as is usual for this time of year.

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