Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When did glass become a main ingredient in soil?

Today is a beautiful day. It's currently 77 degrees out there. Bright and sunny. So I get it in to my convoluted head to go out and Rake the Front Yard. You'll see why in a minute why that is capitalized. I digress. I go out, and look around. Oh yeah, won't take any time at all. Um, yeah right. I rake. And I rake. And I rake. For an hour I rake. And I'm only about a quarter done with the front. However my hands have blisters, so holding the rake is painful. Is that a good enough reason to stop?

So the yard needs to be raked so we can get all the sticks and crap out of the yard so that we can mow it. Once it's mown, we can put down grass seed. Toward the end of the season in the fall, we'll put down Weed and Feed so that it will have time to work in to the soil during the cold months.

James and Jayden are home today. Sometimes I seriously think I should homeschool with as often as they are home. However that whole lack of organization thing comes back in to play. Anyway, they want to earn video game time so I have James weed a flower bed and then they both are picking up sticks and piles of leaves. They are tossing the stuff over the fence in to the veggie garden area where it will then be raked back to the composting area.

Makes it sound like we have acres upong acres of land. By no means are we Pioneer Woman and living on a cattle ranch in spacious Wyoming. We have a very large lot for city folk however. Unfortunately for us, most of the back yard is paved. Ah well, that's a project for a different year, let alone a different day.

Let's get back to the project at hand. I have blisters on my hands. Did I mention that already? If so, you understand how much I was doing. If not, well it's now been told. We have been digging in our dirt, which is really good soil, to make flower beds. The front is almost completely planted. I bought some shady flower mix for right up next to the house where it doesn't get much sun and under the big pine out front. In order to spread the seed, it needs to be raked. Damn, back to the raking!

So in our digging for flower beds, we discoverd lots and lots of glass. While raking up next to the house today, I discovered even more glass. So we come to the question in my title. When did glass become a main ingredient in soil? Why is it that when I am raking up sticks and pine needles and cones and dead grass my pile makes a clink clink sound? How did all the glass get there in the first place and why was it never cleaned up? These, I'm afraid, are questions that will never be answered. I can only hope that as we take care of our yard that the glass will become non-existent.

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Kristine said...

So did you get to collapse and take a nap, or are you working tonight?

Sounds like fun raking up glass. Sure makes you wonder about the previous residents.

With all the work you have been doing, I'm sure that your house will be gorgeous by the time your done. Even if that's years away . . .