Friday, April 10, 2009

More Rambling Words

I haven't put it to Jason yet, but I'm considering talking to the midwife about just scheduling a c-section instead of attempting to do a vaginal delivery. I'm VERY up in the air about it. I know the recovery would be much easier physically with the vaginal birth, but there are so many unknowns going on with this pregnancy that maybe having that one known, knowing HOW they will be born may help me worry less. I know that we, as in the midwife and I, won't even really discuss it until i'm 36 weeks, but I'm going to put it to her at least when I see her in 2 weeks.

I'm tired tired tired. I went grocery shopping last night and I made sure to buy some foods I can snack on that have some higher protien in them. I got some Boathouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea, which is SO good and has 10g protien per 8 oz serving. I'm going to make sure to drink at least one cup a day. I picked up some trail mix that has cashews, peanuts, almonds, raisins, and m&m's, which has 4g protien for a 3tbsp serving. It's a nice filling snack. I bought some of that pre made chicken breast chunks, so I can make a quick chicken sandwich (with buffalo sauce and cheese, yum yum) and I pulled the package of roast beef slices out of the freezer (yummy with cream cheese). I'm going to go digging for the ham (again yummy with cream cheese). I'm also trying to up my calcium because I've been getting charlie horses, something I NEVER got with my other pregnancies, so it's telling me I need more calcium.

I think I'll have Jason do some belly pics later tonight or tomorrow. It may not be til Sunday when we have family dinner at his sis's place. I'm sure he'll be bringing his camera (cause I'll tell him to) so he can play with it and get family photos and what not.

I need to touch up the part of the wall and the closet door and then I'm done with the wall painting in one part of the office. I need to take the stuff off of the book shelves and tape it up and start the edgework and painting on the other part of the wall. It has an L shape in the wall that is going to be dark, it's where the tiny closet is. I'm also working on getting the dining room rearranged a little so I can get some of my craft stuff out there. I'm nervous about that however because it will be a TON of drawers for Izzy to go through and toss stuff everywhere. All of this is so that we will have room for the crib in the office.

Less than 16 weeks until I get to 38 weeks! These babies may even arrive before then!

I did get through all the kids clothes I have stashed on the main floor of the house, they are somewhat organized, much better than they were at least, and I have a nice BIG bucket of newborn, 0-3, 3-6 month clothes. We really won't be needing much more in those sizes at all thankfully. We'll need more girl stuff in 6-9 as I only have stuff from Izzy then, and I have very little in 12 month for boy or girl, so lets me know where to ask for clothes and what sizes the babies will need when people ask what to get them. I figure the 6-9 month stuff will be winter/spring and the 12 month stuff should be spring/summer.

I'm still deciding on what bouncy seats I want to get, though I think that purchase will be something I put off until May or June, most likely June. I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to budget in the dresser we'll need. I'm thinking a nice double one would be good. Big Lots has some really nice dressers in REAL wood, though they are a little on the pricey side. The babies may end up getting their clothes out of plastic tubs for a little bit until I get that figured out.

I'm thinking in May I'll be getting my new papa san cushion. My current one is rather beat up as I've had the chair for at least 5 years and the papa san is a FAVORITE place for all in the family to sit. It's my "nursery" chair. Rocking chairs always give me headaches and I want somewhere REALLY comfortable to sit and doze and nurse that is near the crib. The added advantage of coarse being that the computer will be right there and I can watch T.V. shows online, and we will hopefully have a new dvd burner/player for the computer by then and it will WORK and I can do that too. If I can find the room, I'm thinking of moving my big bucket of knitting in to the office as well.

Prayers and blessings everyone, I hope your "holiday" weekend is uneventful and filled with family and fun, however you choose to celebrate it.


Susan said...

Just so you know - I had a C-section for my twins and I recovered very quickly and easily. So unless you know that you don't heal easily from things, don't be afraid of the recovery.

I knew from the beginning of the third trimester that it was going to be my only option and, as you say, it was nice to at least know that much of what was going to happen!

Rambleman said...

Here's hoping everything continues well.