Sunday, June 14, 2009

On a Happier Note

I went to a consignment shop on Friday. I've been wanting to get bouncy seats for the twins, and I decided I would like to have a boppy pillow for while I'm feeding them, more for propping one of them than using for myself.

For general reference, a Boppy is a pillow that looks like a stuffed horseshoe. We had one with Izzy and it was great. It was sold to a consignment shop a couple of months before we became pregnant with the twins. Go figure. We didn't have a bouncy seat at all with him, and I really missed that. By the time I thought to get one, he was basically too big for one, so we didn't bother. I thought he'd love the swing, he hated it until he was bigger, basically too big for the bouncy. Oh well.

I'd gone to the consignment shop before. I had gotten clothes for the kids there. I knew the had nice stuff at decent prices. With "needing" to be prepared by 35 weeks, I've been feeling the pressure to make sure that the newborn needing stuff was done and accounted for. The boucy seats and the Boppy are on that list.

The basic of basic boucy seats runs about $20. Most usually come with a vibrating feature now. Babies love that for some reason. A Boppy is anywhere between $30 and $40, usually more close to $40.

I picked up two bouncy seats and one Boppy for $40! The Boppy has a slipcover on it, so it will be handy for washing, and I was thinking I could pick up another one, which run about $10. One bouncy seat is a run of the mill basic with just a detachable toy bar and vibrating. The other is a little fancier with a toy bar that lights up and plays music, and can be set to do it continuously or baby kick activated, and vibrating. They are both blue, so it really doesn't matter WHO sits in which one.

While at Wal-Mart the other day, I found the high chair I want to get as well. It does everything our current one does, which means it will be PERFECT! The 2nd high chair isn't something that we are picking up until much closer to Christmas. The twins really won't need one before then. I'm keeping my eye out for bumbo chairs. We had one with Izzy and it was so useful and handy. They are another $40 a piece purchase and I'm hoping I can find them at consignment shops. Who knew that a piece of shaped polyurethane made in Africa (I think, it's either that or Australia) would be so handy?

Prayers and blessings everyone. I hope that while you are out shopping you too can find some great values and help your budgets stretch that much further!

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