Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

I understand that every marriage has their times when things are especially trying. I also understand that it takes strength and understanding and patience to get through those times. I also know that right now is one of those times for Jason and I. I can't say what brought it on. Lots of little things just adding up on top of one another. One by one, things are pretty OK for us to handle.

It was suggested to me that maybe I could start a blog just for venting and keep it private. I like the idea, however it won't be something that I do. I don't update this blog that often as it is. I also don't want a space that is meant to be so negative. I need the reassurance that even while things are difficult and especially trying that there ARE good and positive things in our lives as well.

I'm too tired right now to type out the conversation Jason and I had yesterday, but let me just say it didn't go well, and it certainly didn't help things. I need to write it out though. To allow myself to put it in perspective, to sift through it. To figure out if I should be upset by what was said, and how best to handle that. It is something that we are going to need to discuss and work on finding a solution to. Or at least work on a plan to get to a solution. However, right now, my mind is too foggy with sleep to think straight.

Prayers and blessings everyone. Have a nice night.

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