Friday, July 17, 2009

The Last Appointment with a "Regular" Midwife

Well, I'm fat. Oh wait, we already knew that. On that note, I didn't gain any weight, so I suppose that is good.

Today was my last "regular" midwife appointment. It's so bittersweet. The pregnancy is almost over. That really isn't bittersweet, that is joyful. 2 weeks from today at 10 in the morning I'll be laying on a table with my belly cut wide open while a doctor shoves things around trying to remove 2 rather stubborn children from my innards. Yeah I know, nice mental picture. Just be glad it isn't you! The midwife is bittersweet because if this were any other pregnancy, I'd be seeing plenty more of the midwives. For another 6 weeks. Yep, 6 weeks. That's 4 more weeks til my due date and then an additional 2 for kicks and giggles.

My blood pressure was a little high, but with all the pressure on my innards, I guess it's to be expected. I measured at 49 cm. Now keep in mind, with many pregnant women, you measure a cm per week of the pregnancy. So at this time I would normally measure at about 36 cm. So not only am I measuring 9 weeks overdue, but throw in an extra 4 cm from where I am. That's 13 cm! That is like 13 extra weeks! OH MY WORD! That is why I have kept hearing "oh you won't make it to the scheduled surgery date, you'll have those babies before then". Um, it's not working out that way. I think someone forgot to send the memo to my cervix. While it's great that my cervix is made of steel and is keeping these babies in, I am so ready to have them OUT. It doens't help that I have even had a doctor tell me that they would be out by now!

Other than that, I'm as healthy as a horse, go figure. I have an ultra sound next Thursday and a follow up with the Maternal Fetal Medicine midwife. The one where 4 weeks ago I thought I wouldn't see again. Yeah. On Friday I have my pre-surgery appointment with the doctor who will be doing the section. Jason and I are both working on lists of questions that we want to ask. I was told that this appointment is the time to do that. So we will. Then no appointments until I show up at triage on the 31st first thing in the morning.

I wonder how busy it is on Fridays for surgery? I keep having dreams of it. They are a little odd however because I really have NO idea of what to expect. I've never had surgery like this before. I have had major surgery. It was on my ankle. I was knocked out for the entire thing. I asked to be. I got to about 97 counting backwards and I woke up in recovery asking if it was all done about 2 1/2 hours later. For this birth, I won't even see the new labor and delivery rooms. That is bittersweet too. It'd be nice to see them. However, an induction is NOT something I want. Especially after all that it took to kick Izzy out.

I suppose that is all the rambling for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Jason and I are taking Izzy to the zoo and I'll put up pics of that soon. Prayers and blessings.

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