Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya?

Well, tomorrow is the day, well THE day. I wonder, do I love ya tomorrow? Everyone is so excited and so eager and so...well, everything I'm just not feeling right now. Me? I'm tired. I'm worn out. I'd like a decent nights sleep where it doesn't hurt to roll over and MAYBE I can sleep on my belly again.

Today is my day to....well, what? I don't know. No one is here but me. Jason is working. Jayden and James are still in Wisconsin with Linda. Izzy left last night with Audra. I figured I'd clean or something. Set stuff up. Repack my bag. You know, DO STUFF. However, I have NO motivation. I feel tired. I slept til 11:30 this morning, so I really don't need a nap.

Honestly, there isn't much to "set up". My bag is packed, I just need to go through and double check the contents. Maybe I could pick up the floor? Fold laundry? Watch a movie? I'm very so so on all of that. I do need to shower at some point, so I don't need to worry about that at a Gods Awful Hour in the morning. I do know I'll be cranky as all get out in the morning. Waking up before 8. No food or drink since midnight. Not even some water. At that hour, I'd normally grab a can of Dew to get me going. Nope, not gonna happen. UGH!

I feel bad for Jason too. At least stuff will be happening TO me. He gets to sit there with me all day and well, just sit there. He gets to relay messages to family. He gets to eat and drink, the lucky bastard. Sorry for that last one Sweetie.

Oh, I would like to know how I'm supposed to breast feed TWO babies in recovery when I haven't eaten and had anything to drink in almost 12 hours? Seriously, if those babies can get ANYTHING out of my boobs, it'd be the consistency of SLUDGE.

So heres to tomorrow. May it, I was never good at the toast thing. Well, at least it will be Friday, that has to be worth something, right? Oh, don't expect any updates here until Monday or Tuesday. Jason has said that he will NOT come home and upload photos and screw around with stuff. That everyone in cyber world can just wait. If you are my friend on facebook, my friend Jenn and my sister Katie are supposed to come up on Friday evening and take pics of the babies and they'll post them and tag them so they show up on my profile. Other than that, you're going to have to wait. Sorry. He's stubborn and I'm not wasting the energy arguing with him.

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