Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Day In the Life

Why am I awake at 5:45 in the morning? Oh wait, that's right, because I'm in PAIN! It feels like Jack is trying to claw his way out without anything happening to the cervix! Sitting is very uncomfortable and so is standing. Don't get me started on laying down with my legs closed which means basically anything on either side, which is the ONLY way I can lay right now, and how it hurts like no tomorrow! I was thinking of sending Jason the store to pick up diapers for Izzy when he wakes up. We were going to make a trip to Walmart today, but I'm not sure if that is going to happen or not. Maybe we'll do it anyway to offer "encouragement" to the general areas "down there". I may be starting to dilate, based on the signs, but I did the same things with Izzy and still only started being induced at a 1. All in all, the pain I can get used to, it's the interfereing with my sleep that I have a problem with!

It's now 11:24 in the morning. I was awake until about 6:30. I went back to bed, which is the couch right now. Our bed is just too flat and Jason just moves too much for me to be even remotely comfortable there. Not that the couch makes it THAT much better, but it's enough to let me sleep in about 3 hour incriments. The pain I had this morning is still there. It's like someone has taken a vice and placed right there in the opening of my pelvic bone and is slowly twisting it wider and wider and wider. Peachy. You'd think I'd go in to labor with all of this. Nope. I do believe, honestly believe, I am going to be stuck being pregnant all the way to the 31st of July.

Linda is supposed to bring the kids back on the 4th. That is only 5 days later. I MIGHT be home from the hospital then, I would think I would be. The plan was so that they would be there so I could take a couple of weeks and get used to caring for 2 new babies at once. After the fiasco James pulled last night, I'm amazed she hasn't told me that she wants to bring him back NOW.

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Rambleman said...

Hope you're finding at least a little respite from pain.