Monday, July 6, 2009

The Word of The Day

I'm sitting at the dining room table, refolding laundry very hastily folded by James. His chore is to fold laundry so he can earn time either on the PS2 or the computer. He rushes through and does a sloppy job and it drives me BONKERS. Jayden is next to me, doing part of her chore, folding all panties/bras of the female household members.

"James, do you see how neat and tidy my piles are?"
"Can you tell me who folded the sloppy piles here?"
"I did, I wanted to be done."
"Can you tell me why my piles are neat and yours are not?"

Before James could answer, Jayden pops up with the word of the day "Because you wear granny panties!"

1 comment:

Rambleman said...

Well, that's definitely a word one wouldn't expect very often. LOL.