Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes, I'm STILL Pregnant

Why do I feel like a watched pot? I'm only 35 weeks and 3 days people. If I weren't pregnant with twins, no one would even be considering me having these babies until at least 41 weeks, which is about 6 weeks from now! I understand the excitment is building. I feel like I'm gumming up the works in the plans for a HUGE party because the stars of that party are IN me and it's up to MY body to let them out! 20 days at most people, 20 days. If I can survive 20 days in physical misery, I KNOW you can survive 20 days waiting!

On a completely off topic note, I'm sitting here at too early (yes, 8 AM is TOO early, at least for me) in the morning on a Saturday, looking out the window of the office at the little bunny that viciously ate my strawberries! He/she (I have no way of knowing which) is happily nibbling away at the weeds in the grass in the front. Now why couldn't he/she stick with that and leave my berries alone? I was REALLY looking forward to those! The bunny just keeps getting bigger and fatter. I think it sees me now and KNOWS I'm "talking" about it! HAH! Damn bunny, I hope Ringo makes a nice dinner out of you!

Anyway. I saw the midwife yesterday. Just an FYI, I am going to mention some "girly" things like cervixes and mucus and what not, so you may want to skip this paragraph if you don't want insight in to all of that. Sorry about that, but it's the nature of discussing pregnancy. I've gained another 2 pounds, which puts me at about 18 pounds gained. I am very OK with that number. I know it is quite a bit less than a lot of twin moms gain. I also know that some of it is water weight. And that it will go away once the babies are here. I forgot to ask what my BP and measurements were. I can ask next week.

I asked her to check my cervix. I was curious as to what is going on "down there". She did a slide and the old finger check too. I'm soft, which makes the cervix more willing to move when it needs to, which is in my favor. It's still pretty thick and it really isn't open much, both things don't surprise me much. It does seem to have moved down at least a little bit. I can tell that by compared to how far the midwife I saw in Labor and Delivery had her hand shoved in me! Yeah, that is always fun! The slide said that along with the usual pregnancy nastiness (yes, guys women are just gross!) I'm losing mucus because of the extreme pressure Jack is applying to the area.

The midwife was a bit surprised at how low Jack was laying and how high Abbey is. She is also STILL transverse, so it's still looking like a C-section will take place if I go in to labor on my own. Honestly, I've made my peace with that. I figured I would. I knew that all it would take would be for me to get to the end and be absolutely physically miserable, which I am, and I wouldn't care HOW they came out, as long as they did!

I have another growth ultra sound on the 23rd. I see a midwife on the 17th, then I have my presurgery appointment on the 24th and then it's surgery on the 31st. My grandfather will be 90 that day. My mom tells me he is SUPER excited too. Not only is he getting a great grandson named for him, but odds are high that they will have the same birthday!

Now I'm going to whine a little about my aches and pains. Again, you can skip over this part. It's not like I can KNOW what you are reading from this page!

I have never had my feel and ankles swell up like they have this time around. It's HORRID! I feel like I have meat filled balloons at the bottoms of my legs with little sausages hanging off of them. I'm pretty thankful that I always wear flip flops in the summer and that I'm not trying to stuff these massive things in to regular shoes! My fingers are swollen as well, and they get stiff when I'm doing just about everything. Oh my word, my hips and pelvic area are just crying in pain every time I stand up! It's like someone took a vice and put it in the pelvic opening and is cranking it more and more open every second! That being said, I am bound and determined to do even MORE walking. Walking is supposed to encourage the cervix to dilate. That's the end result we want here folks, so I'm all for it!

On to a more positive note or two. No more than 20 days and this will all be over. We'll have 2 gorgeous babies to show for it. How do I know they'll be gorgeous? They are MY kids and I have a strong genetic line. I will NEVER have to be pregnant again. I know a lot of women mourn that. Me, I'm rejoicing it! While my body handles pregnancy with grace and dignity (as much as possible at least, I certainly don't have complications cropping up all the time) my mind revolts at being pregnant. I always feel like I've lost my mind while I'm pregnant. Like some alien has taken over thinking for me for the duration. I'm always SO happy when it's done because I can work on going back to being ME.

I'm supposing that is all for right now. On the agenda for today, I am once again, sorting laundry, folding it and putting it in to storage tubs. I wouldn't have to keep doing this if Issac (ooh, he's in trouble, I used his full name!) didn't keep dumping the tubs OUT. Jason will be taking a tub or two down to the basement when he gets home from work. I'm trying to make room in our living room closet for the infant clothes tubs so that Issac can not get to them. That requires all other tubs to vacate the premesis.

Prayers and blessings everyone. I hope you have a nice quiet weekend filled with joy and peace.

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