Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't Yank the PeePee

Ok, I'm laughing so hard right now that I have tears coming out of my eyes! We are currently beginning the potty training of Izzy. Each night after his bath we have him sit on his potty chair.

Tonight, the poor guy decided that yanking on the peepee was a good idea. Izzy isn't circumsized, so there is even some extra stuff there to mess with.

The guy is just sitting there, yanking away and he starts screaming. I look over and he has that peepee extended WAY out! I tell him "Stop yanking on it!"

Izzy's response to yank further and scream MORE!

At this point, I start laughing. I can't help it. The more he yanks and shoves and pulls, the more he screams and the more I laugh. He's just NOT getting the connection that HE is the one causing the pain to his poor sensitive area!

He finally lets go once he realizes I'm really laughing at him. He starts to laugh to, though he has this look on his face that says "I sure don't understand why you are laughing at me, but I'll go along!"

Jason gets him off of the potty and puts a diaper on the kid. I suppose you only learn through practice how to be nice to the peepee!

Prayers and blessings everyone, I hope you have an amusing and wonderful weekend!

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Jennbenn said...

I remember being a little kid and my dad singing a country song that started off with.."Don't mess with my toot toot." Just reading this brought that song to mind and now I am singing, "Don't yank on my peepee!" ROFLMAO!!!