Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How was Monday?

Well, around here, I was sick. Aching in the head dizzy and nausea inducing sick. However, I did do a couple loads of laundry, kept the kids fed, kept the house somewhat picked up, and completed 1/2 a puzzle. So not too bad. My eating I didn't log. I also didn't eat much of anything. It's hard to get excited about food when every time you stand or move your stomach churns. Blech.

Today I'm feeling a bit better. Not so much with the head pain and what not. It seems that everyone in the house has it. It all started with Jayden. It also seems that we each have our own version of whatever it is. Her strep test came back negative, so it's not that, thankfully.

I'm watching my nephew Allen and my neice Jessi this week. My brother Jack started a new job and while he will usually work evenings after his darling wife Christina gets out of work, his training this week is during the day. I'm home anyway, so what does it matter adding a couple of extra kids? They are pretty well behaved so that's good at least.

James has all kinds of appointments this week. He has a check up bright and early Thursday with his endocrinologist. And he has therapy on Thursday too. I'll be bringing the entire crew with me for those.

My food journal will be sketchy at best this week, however I'll be working on the housework as I come back from whatever it is that is making everyone in the house feel like crap.

This afternoon I'll be setting up the pool for the kids. I'll actually be setting it up BEFORE this afternoon, to give it a chance to warm up, however they'll be able to play this afternoon. I think they'll have a lot of fun, and it will give me a reason to get them all outside while I pick up the house and wash dishes and get some laundry folded.

On Thursday evening, we are doing family photos. We haven't done full family photos since Izzy was 2 months old. We do the kids individually each year around Thanksgiving so we can give them as gifts to family. We are all going to the park Thursday evening and Christina will operate the camera for the few shots that have all of us and Jason and I together. I am hoping they turn out well. They'll be done on film. We currently don't have a digital SLR, though it is on the wish list of both Jason and I for our income tax return next year. That along with about a million other things.

I hope you all have great days. Oh, and Miss Britt, it will get better. I know you want to reach through your screen right now and strangle me, but just take my word for it, it will get better. If it helps, think of how much worse it could be, that usually helps put it all in perspective. Prayers and blessings.

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