Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Know I Know

It's been almost a *gasp* week since I posted, I'm slacking, I know, I know. This week is proving to be sedate and busy all at the same time. I'm preparing for my court hearing on Friday. Katy Beth is here for the week. She'll be going home with Jenn after the hearing for 4 days so that she can go to her Middle School Orientation (how did I wind up the parent of a MIDDLE SCHOOLER?) on Tuesday, then she's coming back until Labor Day.

Today we are making No Bake Cookies thanks to a recipe from MF Jenn.

I am taking up the Skirt Challenge. I just found out about it yesterday. It was rather round about. I read Momzoo (there is a link with her name, just click it, can't see the link cause of the stupid formatting and I have NO idea how to change it, I'm not that html informed) regulary and she had it posted yesterday. She got it from Country Mom (again a link on the name, click it!). So I'm doing it too! I have always known skirts were Oh So Comfy to wear around the house and do work in. So today, I pull out my black one, or possibly my green cover up (which can also be worn as a skirt) and do general house stuff. I need to put a tiny hem (as in fix, not hem the bottom) in my red one (that i discovered upstairs in the storage room) and i'll wear that one tomorrow.

More pics of the garden soon as well. Maybe you can help me settle the debate as to whether it's broccoli or chard?

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