Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She's Doing It Again!

So much for just monthly drawings, hehe. Brandi over at Mountain Morning Homeschool is at it again! This week she is giving away a book on quilts. Me, I don't really NEED a new quilt book. I have at least FOUR.

I am, however, a bibliophile. Yeah, I admit it. There needs to be a group for folks like me. Like AA only BA, Bibliophiles Annonymous. Oh wait, there is! It's called the LIBRARY! Anyway, I collect books like they are going out of style, and I think with the digital age, they kind of are! I always knew Star Trek was a foreteller of the future!

I digress. I am supposed to post pics of my favorite quilt. I'm not sure I can do that because I have yet to even MAKE my favorite quilt. I can, however, post pics of the lap quilt that I made for Jason's mom. It took me forever. It was also my first non-baby related quilt. The first time I used "quilting tools" like the straight edge and rotary cutter and cutting mat. So here are the pics of those. I asked Jason to help make the blocks in to triangles, so he stacked about 10-15 blocks at a time and cut them all at once, so they turned out all different sizes. I made it work though. The color combo is not something I would have chosen for myself to keep, however Jason said they fitted his mom to a tee. Muted and colorful at the same time.

They aren't the best pics of it, however it's what i got at the time. The bottom one is of it streteched across the end of our bed, which is a queen, so that gives a good idea of how long it is. It's about 3 feet wide and around 5 feet long. I know, so precise, right?

Well there are my entries for the book drawing. Have a pleasent day everyone. Prayers and Blessings.


Mountain Morning said...

Great post and BEAUTIFUL quilt! Wow! I love the colors, I think they work really well together. You are very talented! :0)

Thanks for entering! Good luck in the drawing!

Have a lovely day ~

The Mom Bomb, a/k/a Folksy Mama said...

That quilt is too pretty . . . but you lost me at "straight edge". I have yet to sew anything.

I collect books, but don't always read them. I have stacks sitting around that I mean to get to "some day".

Serial Mommy said...

it's a stiff plastic straight edge, like a ruler, well it has a ruler on it, and it's about 6 inches wide and about 13 inches long...and clear, so you can put it right on top of the fabric and use the rotary cutter along the side...