Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Quick Update on the Garden

Well, the kids sunflowers are beginning to come up. I'll take pics and they will be drawing pics for their ongoing science lesson.

Our veggies are beginning to make an appearence. I pulled up a carrot, and for all it's plumage on top, it was a tiny little thing underneath. We have some broccoli trying to come it, but it was planted in the midst of the zucchini/pumpkin/cucumber/some kind of sqash, so it needs to be transplanted to a different area so it can thrive. I need to seperate out the tomatoes and tie them to the fence so they stay up right.

I'll post more pics in the next couple of days. Right now, I'm off to the storage room to attempt to find some clothes to fit Jayden and Izzy. I know they are up there, however it's a matter of digging through to find them.

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