Monday, August 18, 2008

Technically the 18th...

Well, it's now technically August 18th. The day I set upon myself to change some serious habits. To try to make life around here a little smoother, a little nicer, a little healthier (at least for myself on that last one). I'm still on Sunday, however as it is now Monday, I'll refer to today (Sunday) as yesterday, kosher?

I asked Jason what his priorities in my trying were. What it is he'd like to see me do in a list, a chore chart. I made a list. A list that I'm going to convert in to an actual chore chart. With designated days of the week and everything. I'll also be making charts for the kids. They need to help too. It can't be just me or just Jason. It really needs to be all of us, even Katy when she is here.

Here's my list:
Kid's bath cleaned up - take care of the cats (litter, food, water) and pick up toys in bathroom
Dishes - stacked, scraped, neat
Laundry - washed, dried, folded, put away
Meals - planned, cooked, served
Playroom and Upstairs Bedrooms - picked up, dirty clothes brought down, beds neatened
Pick up after ourselves - trash, mail, toys, dishes, food
Dining/Living Rooms and Downstairs Bath - picked up, wiped down
Kitchen - clean up, wipe down stove, counters, microwave, sweep, mop up floor
Office and Downstairs Bedroom - pick up, reorganize
Table, Chairs, Couches, Floors, and Windows - wipe down and vacuum as needed
Water and Weed Garden areas - as needed
Lesson Plan for next day
Storage Room - organize and sort
EBay/Work at Home option/Wal-Mart work
Personal Projects
Family Time
Computer Time

Ah yes, my computer time comes in dead last. It really does need to. I'd like to get a work at home job that will really replace the Wal-Mart income. I'd like to always be able to be home, to cook at least, if not for all the other good reasons. Anyone have anything where they make a decent amount of consistent income while being at home?

Obviously, not all of those things will be done every day. They'll be split up a bit. Jason said it wasn't so much the washing of dishes he wanted done, just trying to get myself and the kids to keep them a little more organized. Plates and bowls stacked. Everything scraped out. Keeping them as neat as possible, so even the dirty dishes don't look like such a mess.

I may move the exercise up further on to the list, or have it on the chart 5 days a week. Planning the meals will help also. I'd like to be able to get to the point of doing a whole week at a time. That way, on the days I do work, Jason will be able to take a look, get what is needed for the meal (if I haven't made it in advance), and put it all together. I would like to have more stuff set up in the freezer, just pull it out and heat it, however we need a 2nd freezer really to do that for the family our size.

Reorganization is going to be a big thing around here. What do we need? What can be tossed? What can be sold? What can be donated? By reorganizing, it will help keep things picked up and neater.

I will be doing more follow through with the kids. I can't tell them to go do something and then not check up on them and then be angry when it's not done. They are kids, they need supervision and direction. How are they to learn the correct (read MY way) if I'm not there with them, showing them, teaching them?

This week I will be caring for my neice and nephew as well as my kids. Allen and Jessi will be here because my brother is starting a new job, and his training is taking place during the day. From what I understand, on normal occassions, he will be working evenings. So this week will be a little more hectic than usual, but I'm sure we'll all do fine.

That's all for now, it's almost 2:30 in the morning and I really need to head to bed. Jack will be here around 9:30 with the kids. I hope the migraine leaves me as I'm sleeping tonight, or I'll be a grouch tomorrow morning. Prayers and Blessings.

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