Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Longer Post

I was going to come back on Friday and make a longer post, I just got sidetracked by life. What can I say, it happens, especially around here.

I was thinking about death last night, and what it is like to die. No, don't go all freaking out, I'm not thinking of killing myself off, it's just a random wandering that my brain took while laying in bed hoping for slumber to find me. I was wondering where does ME go? Is that the part that goes to Heaven according to the Christians? Then I got to thinking, what makes me ME? Does everyone see their world like I see mine? I mean, out of my eyes and looking at things? I've always wondered what it would be like to be in someone else's head, to be thinking their thoughts and looking out of their eyes. That is what got me back to thinking about death. Do you come back as someone new? I'd like to remember this life if I do so that I can compare them, that's just how I am though.

Jason and I were talking about Merlin the Wizard today. How it is said that he lived backwards and we were trying to figure out exactly how that worked. Jason had no clues and just thinking about it made his head hurt. Me, I think when he was born was actually when he died and he lived backward from dying to birth. So on the first day that you met Merlin, it was the last day that he would know you. His yesterday is your tomorrow. Make sense? Yeah, Jason didn't get it either.

James is going to the doc tomorrow morning. He saw the endo last week. She told me I need to feed him more, and she increased his hormone shot a smidge. Tomorrow he sees the regular old ped. He hasn't had his Strattera for a week. Not from fault of mine, mind you. I called in last Tuesday for a refill because I knew he was running low and the pharmacy told me he had no more refills for that. The triage nurse called me on Thursday to tell me it was ready. I went to Walgreen's to pick it up, no refill, and none in their system. UGH! James is more hyper without it, but he is also in a better mood, happier. Though he does get frustrated with his school work a bit easier. I want to talk to the doc about that, see if she suggests a different med, or lowering his current dose and trying it during the day again or something like that.

I'm doing a new online money thing. I am expediting questions for a site called ChaCha. The questions come in, I rephrase the statements as questions when needed, correct capitalization, find a coordinating category, and send it on to someone who will answer the question. It takes from 20 seconds to 1 minute to do one inquiry. I set my own times for doing it. I'm getting paid for taking some time from the stuff I'm going to be doing anyway, like surfing the internet, reading blogs, and posting on message boards. Every little bit helps after all. I'm also listing more stuff on EBay, at least more regularly. That is helping to pay for homeschool materials and the groceries in the middle of the week when we need them.

Speaking of homeschooling. We started our first major project of the year this week and so far, it has been a MAJOR disaster. I got a poster board, and the brilliant idea that we would cut out the states and piece them together like a puzzle and make a map of the U.S. The problem here lies that the map outlines I had gotten were all of different scale, so when I printed them out, some were too big, like Rhode Island and Deleware, and some were way too small, like California and Texas and Alaska. Jason is going to put the map together for me in PhotoShop, and then I'll be able to print out the states individually so they will all fit together. Apparently, PhotoShop can do nifty stuff like that. I don't know how to use it, so it's Jason's project.

Tomorrow is another shopping day. We will be getting child support. I need to head off to Wal-Mart after James' appointment. We need cat food, Izzy's diapers, paint for the play room, rollers to paint the playroom with, and drywall tape. The drywall tape will actually be coming from Lowe's or Home Depot. I've looked at Wal-Mart and at Meijer for the stuff we used before and they don't have it, so it's time to go to the specialty places.

I know it's technically Thursday now. However, I'll do the Thankfull Thursday post later today. Everyone have a wonderful day. Prayers and blessings.

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Liz said...

I'm sorry you state thing didn't work out. That's a real bummer. I hope the appointment goes well today.