Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stripping at Wal-Mart

Hehe, I got ya with the title, didn't I? I wonder how many people will come to read this blog just based on that title alone? Maybe I should start including words like sex, penis, vagina, ass, and lesbian and see how many hits I get. I don't use one of those trackers that figures out what words people used to find me, though it is an interesting idea.

So back to the title. There was some stripping going on at Wal-Mart tonight. OK, just for the record, I'm still on Friday night even though I KNOW the date says it's Saturday. That's just how I roll. That sounded kind of silly coming from me, but what ya gonna do?

I took a nap earlier tonight, and that's why it is now 4:21 in the morning and I'm no where near ready for bed. I went grocery shopping after waking, I left the house around 11. I brought Izzy with me. Why did I take my precocious ever so curious and mischieveious 2 year old out at 11 at night? Because that boy climbs out of bed, and out of his pack n play. I knew Jason wouldn't be able to stay awake with him until I got home, the whole being up since 5 in the morning thing and all. The olders were fine staying and watching movies. When I got home, they were in bed, so I'm assuming dear old Dad sent them to bed once the movie was done anyway.

I digress, but don't I always? I went over and picked up MF Jenn, and off to Wal-Mart we went. There is beauty in shopping so late. Fewer people shopping, and they are stocking then, so if it isn't out, there is always someone close by that you can have go check for you to see if they do have it. I have $200 to spend on food, and spend it I shall. That money will get us enough food to last about 2 weeks, thankfully. We'll just have to top off a little next week, with water, soda, bread, that kind of thing.

I remembered to bring my canvas bags, the ones that the cashiers dread seeing. I use them because I have 4 kids and I feel that just by having those kids, that's enough damage to the environment, you know, heating the house and driving them all over and stuff like that. When Jenn and I shop, we go through the entire store. By the way, I forgot the tomato paste and the mayo. That's what I get for not writing out a complete list. Again, I digress. We start over in the General Merchandise and work our way to the Groceries, more often than not. I needed cat litter anyway. I picked up a couple of tiny, but very nice smelling candles. Jenn needed yarn for the blankets she is making for Christmas gifts.

I was just at Wal-Mart yesterday. I didn't look for little boy belts though. So I needed to look for those for Izzy, and size 3T pants. I want them that big so that I know he will have room to grow in them. However, as he has no butt to hold them up, they will fall down because Izzy is not a chunker, he's a heavy big boy, but fat isn't what he is made of, so he NEEDS a belt on too big pants. We are looking at toddler boy clothes and Jenn asks if she can buy Izzy a "Cars" shirt.

Keep in mind, more often than not, I won't buy characters anything for the kids. On the rarest of rare occassions one of the kids can convince me to get them a Transformer this or a Princess that. This goes for clothes and bedding. Toys don't apply to this sweeping rule.

Yesterday, I bought Izzy a pair of "Cars" slippers. I tell Jenn that it's all right, I'm not the one buying it. I don't buy characters because kids outgrow them so quickly, and it's harder to do hand me downs with an out of date character on the front. Izzy is all geeked and keeps pointing at the shirts and saying "Cars, Cars, Cars". I think Jenn was impressed that he was talking at all.

Izzy CAN talk, he just doesn't. I don't know why he doesn't, he just chooses not to. I guess he feels he has nothing to really contribute, what with everyone else talking constantly it seems. Izzy pointed to a grey long sleeve shirt with Lightning McQueen plastered over the front.

We finish up our shopping, which takes about an hour more. Speedy shoppers we are not. We take our time, often going up and down each row or backtracking through 1/2 the department to find what we want. We manage to get all of our stuff in to one cart, so at least we didn't buy out the store.

I get all checked out, stuff shoved in to canvas bags and all of that. As Jenn is checking out, she tells the cashier, Leanne, to just hand the shirt to Izzy. Jenn then continues with the paying process. Izzy takes the hanger out of the shirt and hands it to me. He then starts the attempt of taking off his hoody so that he can put on his "Cars" shirt. Feeling sympathy for the boy, and knowing that at that ripe age of 2 he WON'T let it lay to rest, I strip his hoody and shirt off of him. Jenn looks over and sees a half naked boy where once a fully clothed one sat before. I take the tag off of the shirt and put his new, much loved shirt on him. The entire time, Izzy is saying "Cars, Cars, Cars" and signing "Thank You".

Did that catch you? That Izzy signs? Well, being the strong willed (read STUBBORN) child that he is and his utmost refusal to communicate with us, we have been teaching him basic signs. He can sign Please, Thank You, Bath, Eat, Mommy, Daddy, Cheese, Potato Chip, More, and Done. Maybe a couple of others that I'm not thinking of at the moment. With prompting, he can put two or more signs together in a basic sentence and he has started to SAY the word along with the sign.

This is how we wound up "Stripping at Wal-Mart". I told Jenn I would blog the moment because it's pretty funny. Also, I would catch a lot of traffic just on the title. HAHA! I jokingly said I would go and do it myself, the stripping. It'd be like the really cheap show that didn't have a cover charge. But please tip me. Or just tip me over and roll me out!

I know I missed Thankful Thursday. Thursday we went to Jason's folks for dinner, so the preperations before then made things get rather hectic around here and we didn't get home til almost 11. I'll catch back up next week, that there is a promise.

Prayers and Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend.


Jennbenn said...

you forgot to mention how I am the coolest Auntie jenn the kids have!

Serial Mommy said...

i can't say you are the only aunt jenn though, i have a step sister by the name of jenn, she's also a lesbian...though they hardly see her, so i suppose you can be the the way, are you SURE you don't want a 2 year old?

Cathy said...

got me with the title... You are great.