Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well Crap

Unfortunately, my mind has been made up about the new President, at least who I'd like to take that job. Why unfortunately? Because I was really hoping to have some more time to really take the time to look at them all and think on it. And what did it was not the candidates for the job, but the candidates for the 2nd in command. More accurately, the candidate for the 2nd in command for McCain.

I thought Bush was extreme in his religiosity (yep, it's a real word). However, Palin is worse. She has stated that the Iraq war is "a task that is from God". Um, yeah. Oh, and the whole 17 year old daughter being 5 months pg thing. Shit happens, I get that. If her daughter had been taught more than just abstinence, maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't find herself knocked up at a tender age. And she is getting married. I'm not stupid. I was a 17 year old knocked up kid once. I know that girl is feeling extreme pressure from all around her, her family ESPECIALLY, about what she should do. You can NOT tell me with a straight face and an honest answer that that girl has NOT been influenced to marry the boy that got her pregnant. It's the "right" thing after all, isn't it?

So there you have it, I've thrown my towel in with Obama. I liked him anyway. The more I paid attention to what he was saying, and how he was going about it, I liked him. I'll be sad when someone kills him, it will REALLY suck when that happens.

Now I'm going to start getting stalked by the Secret Service. The thing is, I'm not making a threat. It's the facts. He will be the first President that isn't a WASP through and through. Kennedy was Catholic and look what they did to him. And Lincoln let all the slaves go free. This country has enough crazy folks in it that there will be someone who tries it, I guarentee it. It won't be me. Though it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't someone from my home state.

So my point is this. Palin is letting her religion run her politics. That means she is not someone I am willing to vote for. I like being able to believe as I please. I also TOTALLY disagree with the Iraq war. We shouldn't be there, that simple. Task from God my ass, just like the Crusades were?

Tomorrow is Thankful Thursday and we'll have a happier lighter tone to it all. Prayers and Blessings all.


Sophie in the Moonlight said...

I completely agree.

What really trips me out is that the Iraq war "is a task that is from God." So... God wanted our leaders to LIE to get us into a war for completely political purposes? God wanted Blackwater mercenaries to gun down 17 innocents in a public square? God has wanted almost 90,000 Iraqi civilians to be killed during this war? God wanted the U.S. to bomb a sovereign nation first and talk to them later?

What the heck does Palin's God have against the Iraqis? The God I have heard about loves everyone equally, and it seems to me that he had one of those Commandment thingies that said, "Do not kill". But I guess that doesn't apply to Christian fundamentalists. He wants them to kill and then tell the rest of the world they have been given the task. Idiots.

That line of thinking makes me livid.

Serial Mommy said...

palin is pentacostal, and from what i'm understanding, what she believes is that iraq is a "holy war" like the crusades because she honestly believes that the ONLY true religion is christianity and every one else is in the wrong, EVERYONE else, and last time i checked, the united states bill of rights gives me the right of religion, and that means FROM other people's religion as well as the choice of my own...and that really scares cain is 72...he's OLD...and running a country will only make him that means palin is more likely to become president when he falls ill or even dies...