Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I got it by default really. Shimmy Mom had it up on her blog. She said "if you haven't done it and you are reading, you are now tagged". Cool, I've never been tagged, so here it goes.

So here are 7 random facts about me

1. I have given birth to 5 children, and have been pregnant a total of 9 times.

2. I live in a house that is almost 120 years old and I LOVE it. I think old houses have character and warmth in a way that a new home just doesn't have.

3. We have 2 cats, Ringo and Paul. At some point in my relationship with Jason, we have had all of The Beatles, in cat form, living in our home. George was an orange striped tabby. John was an all grey barn cat that had a mean streak. George (along with his compatriot Nathan) were left at a farm when we moved from one place to another (at least we didn't just shut them out of the house) and John ran away, and were all a little thankful for that. Ringo is an indoor only cat, and looks siamese, but he's actually a tabby, and Paul is an indoor/outdoor cat that is a grey and white tabby.

4. I am an overly optimistic person. My thinking is ALWAYS "It could be worse". I've actually lived through worse and I still thought that!

5. I dye my hair, a lot. Currently it is strawberry blonde with chunks of bright pink. I love to play around with my hair color. I have also shaved my head more than once. I have no real attachment to my hair. Oh wait, yes I do. I love my hair. I love how it feels, it's always so soft and silky. Thankfully, all the playing with color hasn't affected the texture of it.

6. I have the oldest and the youngest grand kids in my family. My oldest daughter will be 14 this year, my youngest child is 2 1/2. My mom has 13 grandchildren between those ages. 5 of them are mine. We would really really love another baby too.

7. Jason is my 2nd husband. He is my best friend, the love of my life. We even each other out like you only hear about in stories. I'm up when he's down. He's always a little on the melancholy side while I'm always on the sunny side. We met online, of all places. In his profile he stated how cool it would be to be able to tell his grandkids that he met their grandma online. We share so many of the same interests it's scary and we have so many different ones too. We are both artists, but express it differently. I can keep going on and on about him for forever and a day.

Now to do the onward tagging. Considering I read so many blogs (I do, just take a look at the list, and that isn't even the most updated list at that), I'm going to do this. If you haven't been tagged, you now have. Go on, it's fun!

Prayers and blessings and have a wonderful day everyone!


Cathy said...

I found your blog over at I am bossy and thought I would look around. You are very funny and I like the Random Crap thing. I also say random thoughts or mindless thoughts. I have never been tagged either.

Serial Mommy said...

well cathy, consider yourself tagged!

Cathy said...

OMG Thank You, Thank You...It worked. You are awesome. I have tried to figure this out and being the moron that I am it just never worked... Oh and thanks for tagging me.. I feel so special..lol.. I am doing doing the cabbage patch dance.... yeah///yeah/// enough of that. Thank you again. Did you read the story? Awesome.