Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hair Dye in My Ear

I know it's an odd title. Here's why I'm going with it. Tonight I decided to dye my hair. Now this is an occurance that is pretty regular. I do it about every 2 months or so, when the roots get a good inch or so showing. I don't always go back to the same combo of colors either. I like the change. I tend to favor a blondish red base with blonde highlights however. I do them at home as well. I don't see paying the salon price for it when I can do it as well from home.

So tonight I'm dying my hair, yet again. It'll be different this time. I'm doing a blonde base with an unnatural colored highlight. Dark purple to be exact. I know, it's ODD. What brought it about is this. Earlier tonight (remember, I'm still on Monday, no matter what the header says) I was playing a game on Pogo.com called "Makeover Madness" where the customers come to your "salon" and hold up cards of the hairdo's they want from the ones scrolling at the bottom. Some of them are quite extreme, like shaving the head, and others are rather unnatural colors like bright blue and neon pink and green. I jokingly said to Jason, as he was bathing Izzy "I'm going to dye my hair pink." and Jayden said "I want pink hair too, I love pink!" Jason said "Um, OK".

That's my husband. His feeling on it is that it's my hair, do what I want with it. Which is great. I've had men dictate how they wanted my hair. I've even had them tell me I "couldn't" do certain things with my hair. I would then do exactly what they told me I "couldn't" only to the more extreme. To give an example, I was once told I "couldn't" cut my hair. I took the scissors and cut it off to the scalp. Jason doesn't care. He knows I'm the one that has to deal with it so it really doesn't matter what I do to it.

My plan was to go blonde and then do a purple or blue or pink highlight in it. However, with the blonde I have here in the house, it turned it more blondish red than blonde. The hair dye in the ear actually did take place. Tonight. Right in to the ear. Feels weird and is very hard to get out. So now I'm going to let the red sit for a couple of days and then go in search of a BLONDE blonde.

Wish me luck on diminishing the red. It's a natural undertone anyway, so making it hide is difficult on a good day. Maybe I won't be doing an "odd" color after all. I mean, what color goes with red? Black? Can we say Ewww. Purple is certainly out, at least for the moment. Red is rather redundant, and pink just doesn't make sense. There is the option of blue, however odds are it would come out looking purple and that brings us back to that option being out.

Prayers and blessings all. I wish you all good luck. And Sophie, I'll be reading your blog tomorrow, my internet was out this weekend. I'll send you along some questions and take it from there. K?

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