Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot, Miserable, and Need to Rant

Well, at least you have forewarning. First off, the weather. It comes every year. I know it does. And I always know I will be miserable. The heat, humidity and I just don't agree. I think it should stay in Florida where people go because they WANT it. Me, I would rather be in Alaska year round. Today's high is 88. Tomorrow's is 85. While I really want to bring the A/C units up from the basement, the low at night is 65. It's a debate. And one that the heat is winning. Jason is bringing those units up tonight. I know I'll be more pleasent with them in and on during the day.

Katy's dad is an ass. OK, more accurately, he is an ASS. Like donkey looking big eared bucket kicking pack animal ASS. Not that long ago, he went on a trip.

He currently lives in Connecticut. He moved there from here for reasons that are still vague and only understood by him in his twisted messed up mind.

He took the trip to Missouri. On the way, he stopped here in state to pick up his 2nd Baby and Her Momma. They went to Missouri for a week for a Harry Potter Convention.

No, I'm NOT making this stuff up. Trust me, I wish I could be, but I'm not. Let me just say that my taste in men has vastly improved since he and I were involved a Long Time Ago, in a Messed Up Mind State of Far Away.

Currently, I am trying to gain legal custody of Katy. It's what is best for Katy bottom line. It will be better for Katy's sense of security. Jenn's ability to parent because she won't have Katy's dad threatening to take Katy away every time she disagrees with him. All of that.

The court hearing is on Monday. I have found a sitter for the kids, thank you Jack. Jenn is coming from up North. Her friend is bringing her down. HE managed to convince the court he needed to CALL in his appearence.

OK, just a short while ago, he can afford to take a trip to Missouri from Connecticut for a Harry Potter Convention but he can't afford to come here for a hearing regarding the custody of his daughter?

Lots of words come to mind right now. Lazy. Good for Nothing. Jerk. Asshole. All that stuff. When it suits him, and his wants, he can MAKE time in his schedule. When it's something that is actually IMPORTANT, he can't.

Unfortunately for Katy, she knows what her dad is like. Jenn, Katy, and Jenn's daughter (His 3rd Baby) didn't realize he had taken the trip with 2nd Baby. Or that he had spent a week with her. They haven't seen him in MONTHS. How they found out? He posted pictures on his Facebook page. Which I copied on to my computer to show Jenn. She was outraged. As she should be. The girls were hurt and betrayed and angry. As they should be. His was uncaring. As he always is, it seems.

Jason is home now and bringing me fake cool air. Right now, I'll take any kind of cool air, thank you very much. I must go back to cleaning the living room. Blech. Maybe I can wait until after he puts the A/C unit in there?

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