Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sophie's Choice

I just watched Sophie's Choice. This is a movie I had never seen before. Thanks to Bossy and her commenters. It got me looking for it. I bought the DVD on EBay. Being the impatient sap that I am, I HAD to get it from the library, on VHS (you know, cassette tapes for the VCR?) nonetheless. I also checked out the book. If there is a book to a movie, I will read it. I think I need to go to EBay to get "The Stand". Now that is a GOOD movie, and an EXCELLENT book. Though Gary Sinese being in it throws me for a loop. Every time I see him in anything, I always yell out "Lt. Dan!".

Back to Sophie and her choice. The movie (and book) is about her, her boyfriend Nathan, and the narrator/3rd wheel Stingo. It's all about their interactions and the relationship between the three of them. Yeah yeah, you can see where this is going right? Trust me, that's NOT Sophie's Choice at all. You don't find out until the end. I almost cried damnit. I also couldn't make it.

Anyway, go get yourself a copy of it somehow. Either VHS (for us old foggies out there) or on DVD, grab a box of tissues and have yourself a good cry. Jason had NO interest in the film. He went to bed instead. Go figure.

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