Saturday, June 7, 2008

I just LOOOVE to say Monkey Butt.

This evening, as I'm sitting at the table putting together ham and pineapple pasta salad, Jayden decides that the funniest thing ever is saying "monkey butt". Now, it's not really funny that she is saying this odd little phrase. No, what's funny is her laugh AFTER saying said phrase. She laughs EVERY time she says it. Of coarse, her laughter is contagious. I start laughing, James starts laughing, Katy starts laughing, even Jason gets in on the fun.

We are all laughing at this point. It calms down for a moment and Jayden says, to no one but herself really "I just LOOOOOVE to say monkey butt" and that just gets us all laughing all over again. In fact, laughing so hard that Katy falls backwards in her chair! To add even more visual to this picture, Katy had on a cap with highlighting stuff on her hair, wrapped in plastic. All she can picture, which she shares with me as she sets herself back up is the thought of her falling back, hitting her head, and all the goop on her head squirting every where! This sends us all in to fits of laughter all over again.

James and Jayden are freshly bathed. James has taken to wearing boxers, a fact he doesn't mind sharing with any one who cares, or even doesn't care. As it has been in the upper 80's for the past few days, he wears a t-shirt and boxers for bed. James was sitting in the papa san, legs spread eagle. I happen to glance over at him and I said "James, close your legs man, you could slip out and no one wants to see that".

James responds with "I can whip it out if you want".

To which he gets a resounding "NO!" from Katy, Jayden, and I.

My children are hilarious. When did they develop these personalities? These senses of humor and comedy? They grow every day, and there are many days where I feel like I'm watching them change directly before my eyes. There are also many days where I am hoping and wishing for them to just grow up and get out already!

I love my kids dearly. I really do. There are days where I'm pulling my hair out by the roots because the pain keeps me sane. Then there are evenings like tonight where I really appreciate the interactions and cherish the laughter and connections. I hope that it's moments like these that they remember. I know I will.

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