Thursday, June 5, 2008


It seems that I'm just chock full of life lessons as of late. Go figure. Today is procrastination. This is something I am SUPERB about. It's in my nature. After all, there IS always tomorrow, until that one day where there ISN'T tomorrow. But I digress.

I find myself putting off things to be done. For no real good reason. Just that I really don't want to do them. That they annoy me. That I'm feeling lazy. That I just don't want to.

I do that with everything. All of my projects, blogging, paying the bills, going to work, all of it. I hate stopping whatever it is that I'm doing to go do something else, no matter how pressing that something else is.

Obviously, this is not good. It's a habit that must be broken, however I even procrastinate on doing THAT!

Today I baked a cake. For once, I'm actually on top of a project and completeing it in a timely manner. The cake needs to be decorated for my step-dad's party on Sunday. The cake requires quite a bit of time to cool, then it needs a crumb layer of frosting, then a regular layer of frosting, and then the decorating frosting. Between each layer of frosting, it's a good idea to let the cake "set up" for a little bit so that the next layer goes on a bit smoother. This "setting up" can take some time. Which is why the cake needs to be baked on Thursday when it's for a party on Sunday.

Laundry is a big one that I procrastinate on. Oh, and paying the bills in a timely manner. I figure I can always wash the laundry later, and then I get distracted and I just never get around to doing it. It's why we always have the 2 baskets of laundry that need to be washed. It's why there is, more often than not, a couple of baskets of clean laundry on the small couch. Oh, add cleaning to the list too.

The bills. I always set them aside with the "intent" to pay them, then I see something I want or the kids want or Jason wants, or that we need, like food, and I use the money that is for the bill for that stuff. OK, the needs yes we need to make sure we have, but the wants? My justification is simply "We'll have the money next week". But we never have the money next week because it all starts over again.

And the cleaning. I hate the cleaning. The physical effort that it takes to do it. I'm lazy by nature. It's why procrastination works so well for me. The time that it takes to do the cleaning I could be doing something more, well, fun. Like blogging or playing on Pogo or checking a message board.

I have all these things I intend on doing that never get done. That's the thing, they are great intentions. It's the follow through that is lacking. So how does a person go about finding that follow through, that motivation to get off their fat ass and say "screw intending, I'm doing it NOW"? I have never been able to find that. I do good for about a day or so, and then it's all back to how it was. And that my friends, is where I am right now. Looking at all the things around me that I "intend" on and wondering "where the hell do I begin, and where the hell do I find the motivation to do them all?"

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