Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weighty Wednesday

This is for Momzoo and her Weight Watching Buddies, of which I have become one. This week hasn't gone so well at all. No exercise. Not enough sleep at the right times. That means staying awake all night and the next day and then the following day sleeping TOO much and it all starting over again. I know that those are my TWO big things. Sleep and exercise. I also know that getting good amounts of both, regularly, will do WONDERS for myself. I have a deadline in mind. My sister is getting married at the end of April. I am the Matron of Honor. What does this mean? It means that I am going to be getting my picture taken, A LOT. I would like to be down at least 20 pounds by then. More than that would be AWESOME! I am going to get a tummy flatner so I have a bit of a "smoother" shape. I'm not expecting miracles. I am figuring about a pound a week.

On another issue, I'm making raised donuts from scratch. I have had a SERIOUS craving for donuts lately. Tomorrow (well, later today) I'll be making them up. Right now I have the dough sitting, covered, waiting for 8 hours or so to raise. Wish me luck, I've never done anything like this before! I'm trying to find that Domestic Goddess. She seems rather elusive lately.

I slept most of the day today, so it will once again be an all night thing. I'll go work on the dining room while I'm awake. I want to make a nice dent in it. I still haven't started James costume. I'm hoping that it will be cold enough that he would have to wear his winter coat and then no one would see the costume anyway. He has boots and a hat, and he can wear those anyway. I know, it's a total slacker way out. I feel ALMOST ashamed by it.

Prayers and blessings everyone. I'll update later when I've made the donuts. I'll take pics of the finished product and let you all know how the fam likes them!

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