Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What should I write?

I'm just wondering, what do you, the reader (or readers?) think I should write about? Seriously, I'm looking for suggestions. It's obvious my blog has no rhyme or reason to it. Why should it? Hell, I'm Serial Mommy. There is quite a bit of disorganized insanity running around this head of mine.

Here are some suggestions. Would you like to see, would you read, about me cooking? Yes, I know that is very "homemaker". Um, HELLO, I AM a HOMEMAKER. Though I've always wondered why it's called that. I can kind of see it. I mean, we make our house a HOME, and hence, HOMEMAKER, but still. It's almost insinuative (is that even a word?) that I'm building something. Am I?

How about my religion? Well, that would be good, I guess, if I even knew what my religion WAS. I have a basic idea and I'm still exploring and learning. You want to explore and learn with me?

How about more of my dreams? Oh come on, you know you enjoyed reading about David Beckham. Don't tell me you didn't. Even Jason thought it was funny.

Oh, should I give the kids psuedo names? I know I haven't even listed their middle names, let alone last names (and sadly enough, they ALL have different last names, don't ask, it's a LONG story). How about Jason. He could be Serial Daddy. Though that really doesn't fit him the same. How about Guy I Married This Time 'Round Who is Crazy Enough to Stay. So for abbreviation he would be GIMTTRWCES. Yeah, that's not a mouthful at all. James could be Screwy Brain Wiring Boy and Jayden is Princess Fart Blossom (again, don't ask, unless you REALLY want to know) and Izzy would be Hurricane Ike (he even has all the wet to go along with that name, every time that boy gets a cup he either dumps it or spits it or a combo of both) and Katy could be Lady Monkey Frog Lover (she has a thing for frogs and monkeys). Eh, screw it. It's easier for me to keep it this way.

Ooooh. Damn, I had it, and now I've lost it. Yep, that's how I roll.

Looking at my horrid mess of an office, I am reminded that I need to pick up some phonics materials for the kids. We are in the process of doing a deep clean on the entire main floor of the house. And of coarse when I say WE I mean ME because while Jason is WONDERFUL in helping maintain the clean, he isn't all about reorganizing and taking the hose and vacuuming the nooks and crannies and actually MOVING stuff around to clean around, over, under, and on top of it. I'm anal like that.

The living room is done. Now I'm building up the courage to go in to the dining room. The room that Izzy trashes all the time. With his food throwing and spitting and dumping of drinks and ripping of books and taking things off of shelves and tipping of chairs and....well, the list keeps going and going. There is one room in the house Izzy trashes. And it's my dining room. UGH.

I can write about what I'm reading. Or what craft project I'm working on. Right now, it's decorative letters for the upstairs. Or homeschooling projects. Or how to deal with a 9 year old boy who drives you insane and you love so much and has the brain wiring that is SO screwy. Or relationship things, like talking it out and how to fight fair, and unfair. Or finding ways to pay attention to a 6 year old middle child who believes she is the most neglected person on the planet and needs you to just look at her!

Or, OH, I remember now!, parenting stuff. Like all of that I just listed. All about parenting a bunch of kids and juggling their needs and not losing yourself in the mix! Or my struggles with weight loss and homemaking and finding my purpose and direction in my life.

Oh wait, I just listed what I do already. Oops, sorry. It was supposed to be different choices. I do want to know what you would like to read more of. Oh, and would it be all right if I posted more pics? Of coarse of the family, but of like food and projects too? I know it sounds so Pioneer Woman but I swear it's not a copy cat kind of thing. It's all I've got so I want to share it!

Well, that's the post for right now. Prayers and blessings everyone. Join me tomorrow at the same bat time and the same bat channel for Thankful Thursday.

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