Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Spy with My Little Eye

I've been Memed again. I love how I find them randomly and then get tagged that way, it's fun! Sophie had the Meme from Kat on her blog so I followed good naturedly over to Kat's blog and got memed myself! Her rules are to make it random and long winded, I believe I can do both. After all, one of my labels is "I digress". Uh, yeah. Oh, and consider yourself tagged. I think you should go over to Kat and get it from there, but hey, you don't wanna, that's all right, I'll pass it along from here.

By the way, at some point in the future, I will have my interview with Sophie completed (we are still in the emailing back and forth stage) and will post it up here. Huh? Interview? Why are you doing interviews? Head on over to
Neil and you can figure it out. It's The Great Blog Interview. Sign up. Take it from there.

I'm going to do my meme with the help of a couple of pics. It's very random and has the potential for some great longwindedness. We are going to discuss The Things on My Desk at this Current Time. Here are the pics.



OK. See what I'm talking about, lots of things that are random. Let's start with the monitor. That wallpaper is something I won for completely a badge at
Pogo . I love Pogo. They have all kinds of games you can play. A lot of them are free. Personally, I feel the $4.99 I pay a month for membership is WELL worth it.

The green mug in the foreground is a coffee mug. I have two of them that size. I got them on clearence from Meijer last year around Christmas time when I got my teapot. I've recently started drinking coffee. I've never been a coffee drinker before. I always found it too bitter for my liking. However, I need something that is less sugar than soda, and keeps the caffine kick up for a while. I tried some mixed flavored stuff at the gas station. It worked REALLY well. Now I'm making it at home. I take Folgers French Vanilla and some Instant Hot Cocoa and brew them together. When I make my cup of coffee, I use International Delights Irish Cream Refridgerated Creamer. MMMMMMM. Not a ton of sugar, like soda has. The caffine benefits are still there AND I'm not getting the sugar crash after a couple of hours like I would with Mt. Dew, Cherry Coke, and Dr. Pepper. Also, the coffee is cheaper per serving.

I love the lamp on my desk. It used to sit in the dining room. We moved things around out there and it wasn't being used, so I put it on the desk. The shade has some great beading on it, and the base is wood. It's cute and ecclectic, like me! We have 2 of them. The other is in the bedroom on Jason's side of the bed for a reading lamp.

The bottle of lotion is Bath and Body Works Pleasures in Mango Mandarin scent. They don't make it any more. I've had that bottle for a couple of years at least. The lotion doesn't work so great as lotion any more, however the scent is still strong and wonderful so I'll use it for that.

Ah yes, the pill bottles. The ones that are free standing belong to James. I turned them so you can't read his full name, our address, or the meds he's taking. I don't think the world at large needs to know those things, do you? yes, there are 4 bottles. He actually takes 5 meds a day. 2 in the mornings, 3 at night.

Next to James' meds is a dragon Jason made for me out of polymer clay. The green thing laying down is a really cool green man also made of polymer clay. When it is daylight, I'll set it up so I can take a better pic of it (the green man). He's really cute. The brown woman is also made of polymer clay. She's a tree nymph. Jason has a LOT of talent when it comes to using the clay to make shapes and what not. I've asked him to make me beads for my knot work. Like me, he is Gemini and we are procrastinators. I suppose if I ever get to the point of needing the beads, he'll get to the point of making them for me.

We only drink Aquafina water. I've tried others and I don't like the flavor. I like aquafina because it's flavorless, no after taste. To me, that's how water should taste. More often than not, the kids drink from the tap. They need the flouride. They have large refillable bottles to drink from.

The packet of papers next to the monitor is my notepad, a bill I need to call on, my checkbook, and some forms I need to fill out for James. The notepad is all important. When I'm writing things down while on the phone, or making shopping lists, that pad is where I go.

The metal pen holder is a recent addition to the desk. It's been about 4 or 5 months that I've had it. I needed something more suited to holding pens and misc. desk crap. Currently it has my scrip for folic acid, my bottle of baby asprin, a bunch of pens, sharpies, and highlighters, a staple remover, 2 nail clippers, a pencil sharpener, a nail file, a seam ripper, and a heart shaped piece of jade. In the drawer are staples.

My mouse pad says "Little Miss Trouble". I thought it was cute and for only $1 at Target, a deal I couldn't pass up. That mouse pad changes regularly, about every 6 months or so. I've got quite a few of them around the house.

There is a regular deck of Bicycle brand (in blue) cards and a deck of cards specifically for the game war. They are big and meant to be a little more child friendly in size. I recently (as in the last month) taught the kids how to play war and I am still teaching James how to play Gin. Once he has Gin down, we are moving on to Rummy.

The screwdriver is my favorite and most used tool. It has an adjustable shaft/tip combo that is good for 5 different needs. 2 philips, 2 straight edge, and one nut tightener. I am CONSTANTLY trying to figure out where the thing is. It gets put in all kinds of places.

There are coupons for ciggies for Jason, and for a local pizza place. Receipts from shopping that need to be tossed or organized. A strand of hemp that I'm using as a belly measurement for the Biggest Loser competition I'm in on one of the message boards I belong to. I can't find any of my fabric tape measures, something else that happens frequently around here, so this is my substitute. I also have the ruler I used for it on here as well. The papers have random numbers and needed info on them. Notes from Jason's game playing.

If you look under the monitor, you will see a window lock (it came off and hasn't been put back on), another seam ripper, some misc papers (cards for hot tubs and bank account info) and a lot of water bottle caps. I take the caps off and then just never put them back on once the bottle is done. Go figure. On the main part of the desk there is also a pen (black) and a half eaten pretzel rod (thank you Izzy). The 2 cd's that you can see are The Sims Making Magic, both discs.

The batteries are AA in size and the size that we most frequently go through. I really need to buy stock in Rayovac because it seems like once a month I'm buying a big pack of them. Behind James' meds is a roll of wide masking tape.

Now keep in mind, I have no idea how or why most of this random stuff is up here. It just is. It either is in it's place, or it hasn't been put in it's place, or it doesn't have a place and it is using the desk as it's temporary home. Do you think you can learn a lot from someone by looking at their desk? Did you learn a lot from mine?

Prayers and blessings everyone. Monday was a pretty stressful day to me, and now Tuesday won't be much better, so I hope you don't mind my random meanderings as a pleasent distraction. Yes, it really is 5:43 in the morning now. It's a long drawn out story for another day. Have a pleasent day yourselves.

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Heidi said...

I totally think you nailed the random longwindedness of the meme. I agree about the screwdriver, I can't live without mine.