Friday, November 21, 2008

Funky Fun Friday

Jason and I went out tonight. We had fun, I guess. Word of advice, don't go to the symphony if you've been up all day chasing children and working and what not. There just isn't enough going on to keep your attention so you just sit and zone out listening to the music and find yourself sliding down in your seat and drifting off which isn't a good thing when you are wearing a knee length skirt and a pair of heels.

Well, now that I got past the run on sentence of the century, how was your week? Mine was off kilter if you hadn't noticed.

I got my flyer in the mail for Jo-Ann's and I got an email from Lion Brand Yarn. Oooh. There is a very simple pattern for a very nice scarf in the email. Oooh oooh the yarn for the scarf is on sale, 2 for $4! Usually it's $2.99 a piece. Woohoo!!! I'm going to make 2 scarves. One for my FIL for Christmas, and one for my Secret Santa for the 4 or More Mommies. I may do one for the Secret Santa for the March Mommies as well, but I don't know who I'm getting for that so I don't know if a scarf is right for them, they may live in Cali or Florida or some place like that! I may even do one for my dad, and I wonder if Sue wears scarves? I know Linda does. I won't be getting all of that yarn this week. Just the yarn for FIL and the Secret Santa.

Homer is out of work. I talked to him. I guess he's getting unemployment. Yippee for him. It does mean that the child support we receive will be greatly diminished, if we see it at all, go figure. Oh well, we've made it on tight before, we can do it again.

I'm looking at doing Angel Food Ministries for December. For $30, the box of food seems to be a good value. If we like it, I may get more the next time around. It would certainly help stretch our food budget and with the freezer downstairs, it won't go to waste.

I'll be contacting my case worker on Monday to let her know that we won't be receiving the child support. I also have to call the Friend of the Court to see if they actually garnish child support from unemployment. I have therapy on Monday evening too. I missed last week in favor of sleeping. Go figure.

I need to get the dining room cleaned up by Tuesday evening. I want to set the tree up then. Well, put it together and string the lights. Wednesday, I'll be driving to Muskegon to pick up Katy and Emily and then doing my last minute dinner shopping.

Emily is Katy's younger 1/2 sister. They share the same dad. She is Jenn's daughter. Chris cancelled on them for Thanksgiving, so I offered for Emily to come here if Jenn didn't have plans with her family. So Emily is staying from Wednesday to Saturday when I bring them both back up north.

Emily is related to us in a weird kind of way. It's almost like she is a cousin to the kids. But not at the same time. With Chris off living his own life, barely acknowledging his children, I feel like someone should be there to be Emily's 2nd family. Everyone has one, or at least they should. So Emily will be coming down with Katy for visits and that kind of thing. What's one more kid after all, right?

Prayers and blessings everyone, I hope that your weekend is filled with fun and family and all that makes you smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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