Friday, November 14, 2008

You Might Not Know That I...

...Drive no more than 9 miles over the speed limit on the highway because I've gotten so many tickets I'm now paranoid, unless I'm in Chicago, then all bets are off
...have 2 close friends in real life and don't have the desire for more, unless I meet some of my "mommy" friends, as Jason calls them.
...wanted to name Jayden "Jaydenya" (say it with me...Jay-Den-Ya, mom claimed she couldn't pronounce it) and call her Jayd and my mom talked me out of it, and I'm upset because now Jayden is such a popular BOYS name
...grew up with a BOYS name and swore I'd never do that to my girls, and I did inadvertently
...usually read the first three chapters of a book, skip to the last one, read that, and then go back to the rest of the book
...have a very strange thought process and when you talk to me "in real life" I tend to not make sense unless I take the time to explain how my brain went from point A to China and then Antarctica and back
...started therapy yesterday, and I liked it. mood rings and mood beads and all those cool things like that
...feel like I was born a generation too late because I love all that hippy dippy crap
...make jewelry that I give away or shove in a box and never see again, I don't wear it, I don't know why, though I really like what I make to cook big big meals
...collect barbies, not like super crazy collect, but I own 3 that I won't let Jayden play with the Dodge Viper and the F150 Ford truck
...owned a 2001 Ford F150 Extended Cab 4x4 Offroad with the V8 Titan Engine, and I LOVED that truck, and I gave it up for a mini van, which I don't really like, so that we would have more room for our family
...collect teddy bears, when I was little it was stuffed bears, now it is ceramic ones
...would rather have salt than sugar to shop but hate shopping for stuff for myself, I always feel so self-conscious in what I am wearing
...really like classical music and Jason and I are going to the symphony next Friday for a grown up adults only date
...every one of my kids are named after a member of the family or, in some cases, two in some way or another
...recently discovered that I have A.D.D. and I won't be taking meds, at least not right now nail polish and I own all kinds of "weird" colors
...think buffalo chicken ROCKS! to my ex-MIL on the phone more than I talk to my own mom, though Ma lives in Wisconsin and I see her maybe once a year
...can't accurately remember the birth stats of my kids...oops, there are FIVE of them after all
...think Sweetwaters is the BEST donuts ever ever ever made, hands down kicks Krispy Kreme's ass, and I know because we had a Krispy Kreme in town and it went out of business because Sweetwaters is 100 times better!
...was inspired by Miss Britt shoes, all kinds, but I am cheap and won't pay more than $40 for a pair, and have only paid that much a handful of times jewelry that I never wear, I have a whole jewelry box full
And I don't know that you...

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Sophie in the Moonlight said...

Great list. I could say "ditto" to much of it, especially the hippy dippy parts.

Have fun at the symphony. I'm jealous.