Saturday, November 1, 2008

A New Post, Everyday

Apparently, in my ever loving insanity, I am now going to add posting every day to it. I dunno why, the idea struck me as cool. I even joined a community site dedicated to it, of all things. Check it out here. If you want to add me as a friend, if you decide to join up too, I'm listed as, yep, you guessed it Serial Mommy. Go figure, right? Oh, I got the idea from Lori over at yes, i MADE that. What the hey, join in the insanity!

I read Lori's blog regularly. I LOVE the projects that she does and she is VERY crafty. I read a lot of CRAFTY blogs. I also often wonder if I should be posting more pics of my craftiness. Here's the thing, I have lots of stuff in progress, but I don't finish much of it. I'm a slacker like that. I think this month, as I'm posting every day anyway, I'll start adding pics of crafts in their ongoing stages. Maybe it will encourage me to work on them more.

Today is Saturday. This weekend we are going to make donuts again. This time, I will make sure to document the process. I'll have Jason home to be able to document the frying process. It happens much too quickly for me to do it myself. I also want to make
Cake Balls. Though I'm rather certain it WON'T be in the Halloween style. Probably just some fancy drippings and what not, just to see how they go over. Thanks PW for the recipe. I know the guys at Jason's work love when I bake because they get a TON of stuff sent in with Jason. We can't eat it all, and I really don't want the kids to be eating it all, though I KNOW they'd LOVE to!

Halloween went well yesterday. We went Trick or Treating in My Friend Jenn's neighborhood. The kids made out like little begger bandits. James was a pirate, and thank you Jenn for buying his costume for him. I never got to making his. The whole Cleaning the Dining Room Project has been consistently put off. Jayden was a fairy. She got a new skirt bought for her, to make her current dress a bit longer. Izzy was a Jester, left over from when James was one. I couldn't find the hat, and I doubt Izzy would have worn it anyway. Mom and Dad were, well, Mom and Dad. It DEFINATELY counted for our exercise. It also gave me a great teaching point because James wanted to know who invented Halloween. So I'm going to hop on over to
Doc's site and use the Halloween Homeschool Chapter she has. Doc is great for listing free resources for Homeschoolers and I REALLY need to be using them more.

Novemer, while it is the month for most to prepare for the holidays, it is the Month of Organization for me. OOOOOOH, sounds scary. Hell yes it is! I'll be starting therapy this month. Exercising regularly. No excuses accepted. Cleaning up the house. Organizing all the stuff in our house. This is how I prepare for the Holidays. For Thanksgiving, everyone converges on my house, so it must be worthy of my MIL'S inspection.

Speaking of MIL'S. Every time mine visits, she goes through my bathroom cabinet, rearranges things in it, moves my dishes and towels around in the kitchen. All that kind of stuff. When we lived in our old apartment, she went through and closed all the blinds. I went behind her and opened them back up. My brother in law, in his wisdom, looked at me and said "It makes her happy, let her do it." I snapped back "But it doesn't make ME happy, and it's MY house." To which he promptly shut up.

Jason said I should let it go. I have a problem with that. It's MY house. I put things a certain way because that's how I want them. I don't want someone, anyone, coming behind me, and moving them around. Jason decided he was going to move the microwave around on the counter. I didn't like it that way, so I moved it back. I'm willing to give his idea a try because he lives here too. However, my MIL does not.

She is a nice lady. She has this need to be nosey. To go through things to know what is going on. I abhor that. I was raised that when in someone else's home, you respect their privacy. You leave their things where they lay. If I have a messy cabinet, so what, it's MY cabinet. I want to leave her a note. Jason said I can't. I asked him if I could move stuff around at HER house. He said "Whatever Jamie. I think you should leave it be, but whatever." I can't bring myself to do it.

It's such a VIOLATION of privacy. Am I wrong here? Should I just tolerate her snoopy behavior? As it is, when she is here, we close off our bedroom and office. We know she would LOVE to go through those spaces, so we close the doors. It would be too obvious of her to open them, so she doesn't. What would be the best way to go about handling this? It really does bother me, irritate me, and violates my space, and personal beliefs. Is there anything that can really BE done about it?

Prayers and blessings everyone. Tomorrow is Almost Silent Sunday and I'll have Trick or Treating pics for you all. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


JCK said...

Hey welcome to NaBloPoMo! It sounds like you are trying many things this month!

I'm not unusually crafty...But! I did make my son's Robot costume this year.

concerned family friend said...

Sometime we ask questions that we already know the answers to. You have all the information that you need, yet you chose an open forum, to which your MIL reads, to deal with it. You have made an already sticky situation so much worse. You have drawn a line in the sand and it can never be erased. At the center is your husband and children. Would talking to her have been so bad? She is who she is, at 70 she won't change. Now, if she never saw you again, you would be unphased. But, that won't happen. I know for a fact, that the next time you brakes, she'll bail your butt out. She doesn't do that because she is snoopy, she does that because whether you believe it or not, she loves her children and grandchildren. Welcome to the wonderful world of reality. What goes around comes around. When your children grow up and marry, you will be the MIL that their spouses hate. I hope that that this wonderful forum is still around for them to post crap about you. You hurt someone today. Live with that and own it. You have said in the past that you are an open book. What crap. You had no problem typing that, but couldn't face dealing with the situation one on one. I know her well enough that she would not have said anything but yes to you. The fallout of the conversation would have been dealt with by those of us who are with her everyday. I love her, faults and all. I see past the things that you can not. She was trying. I do believe that now that is all gone. Good job serial mommy. You have taken away a son and grandchildren from two people who have really never did anything that could not be forgiven or overlooked. Good job.

Serial Mommy said...

hi there stacy, how are you tonight? i've talked with audra, ask her how it went.