Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guest Blogging this evening....Cereal Daddy!!!

Yes tonight you get to hear from the other half of the insanity as the Serial Mommy is driving around with lots of children driving her nutso. Why "Cereal" Daddy??? Because that's about what I can cook, I make pancakes, sandwiches, and a mean bowl of Cherios. So tomorrow is the day before thanksgiving and I'm wondering just how we are going to pull this one off. I know it will come together alright but it just adds to the confusion around here. I'm getting ready to (ahem) Enjoy 5 days off of work to spend with my loving family and I don't know if I'll be screaming for them to take me away for the nut house before I can go back to work. Hopefully Jamie will let me play lots of video games and read my book. Good luck with whatever you and yours are doing for this holiday, and pray to the gods and goddesses for our Heathen horde.

Peace and Love Peace and Love

Cereal Daddy

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