Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Know, I Know

So Nablopomo is sucking for me right now. Now, technically it says 30 new posts in the month of November, so I'll do a couple of makeups and we'll go on our merry way, ok?

A few things.

Today is my daughter Vyky's birthday. She is 14 today. I thought of doing a post just to her. I don't know if I will or not. It's still very emotional. I can sympathize with parents who have lost a child. Not having her near me, in anyway, is similar to her dying. However, I KNOW she is still out there. She's growing and learning and maturing. I wish I could see her, to hear what she thinks and has to say. I imagine she is amazing. And beautiful. It might be easier if I had a picture, however I don't. I've thought of writing to her dad and asking for one. I'm not sure if it is fear of him not answering, or fear of him answering that keeps me from doing it. I am sure that at some point, I will write it all out. Maybe even later today, but right now, at 4:16 in the morning, it's not happening.

My sleep schedule has been SUPER weird the past few days. I stayed up all night on Sunday night. I was told to call Jayden's doc first thing (8 AM) on Monday to schedule her an appt. By the time I was ready to go to bed, I would of had to be up in about 3 hours. I was having Jason wake me up before he left for work so that I knew I'd be awake. He leaves at 6:30 in the morning by the way. He would have woken me around 6. I napped on Monday during the day. Then at 6:30ish that night, I went to bed and slept til 3 in the morning. Last night, I went to bed at 9, and slept til 3 this morning. I'm hoping that tonight I can stay awake until at least 10, so that I can sleep a little later. It doesn't help that Izzy has been getting up between 3 and 4 every morning to come down stairs and crash on the couch.

Thanksgiving is next week. We'll have a big old dinner, lots of family time, a good time (I hope) will be had by all. Then the chaos of the "official" shopping season will begin. We are using Jason's Christmas bonus to do our gift shopping. I'll be working on handmade items as well.

The goals for this weekend are to get the house in tip top cleanliness shape for the dinner on Thursday. That means I need to work on the dining room every day this week until it's ready. It would help if Izzy would stop going behind me and taking all the books off of the shelves, but oh well.

I think that is all for now. Prayers and blessings everyone, I hope you have a great week.

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