Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Am So Tired

I am so tired of getting yelled at for my blog. Suck it up folks, I'm an adult, you are adults, put your big boy/girl pants on and BE adults. This is MY space, where I write WHAT I WANT! It is my way to let out steam, be creative, think things through, scream, yell, and holler in a rather HEALTHY way!

Two posts ago I mentioned In-Laws. I told Jason, just in case he caught some flack for it. By the way, I wasn't speaking of MY In-Laws, just in general. Firstly, I have NO problems specifying when I'm speaking of MY In-Laws. Secondly, I was actually thinking of how THEY may have been feeling about adapting to ME more than the other way around!

Jason asked me not to write about MY In-Laws anymore, ever. I told him point blank, NO. He got pissed. He doesn't ask much of me. I usually oblidge. I'm not going to with this. I will NOT censor myself, I don't give a flying rat's ass if the POPE or the QUEEN OF ENGLAND or THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is reading. What you see is what you get. Niceness, meanness, snarkiness, all of it, 100% ME.

Jason is also ANGRY because I HATE to clean. You know what I woke up to this morning? My 2 year old destructo boy CLIMBING on the counters, getting in to the cupboards. Not to get anything to eat, oh no, that would make sense, but to throw SHIT on the FLOOR!! He wastes food like no one's business. There is NO way we would allow the older kids to get away with HALF of what he throws all over. Time outs don't work. Spankings don't work. Yelling doesn't work. Gently redirecting doesn't work. When I say I've tried it all to get through his thick ass head I mean I've TRIED IT ALL.

Yes I'm angry right now. I'm TIRED of getting yelled at for shit like this. I love my husband, I really do, but when he ATTACKS me at 5 in the morning, it kind of rubs me the wrong way! Just add a VERY naughty 2 year old and you've got one very PISSED OFF mommy!

I'm tired of cleaning up and it just being destroyed all over again. I'm tired of Jason cleaning up and it being destroyed all over again. Destroyed by the same person. He climbs over any gate we put in his doorway. We can't keep him in Lockdown the entire day. We can be in one room, he'll go to another and destroy it. Jason vacuumed the living room on Saturday. I didn't even get to SEE IT clean because by Sunday it looked the same as it did BEFORE he vacuumed. He said he vacuumed, I'm just taking his word for it because I sure as HELL don't see it!

Jason acts like I LIKE living like this. Um, hello dumbass, but NO! What the HELL am I supposed to do? I clean, I pick up during the day, I bitch about it, but I DO it! You can't even tell by the time you get home! The laundry I wash is overtaken by new dirty stuff. The dishes I wash are overtaken by new dirty ones. The spaces on the floor I clean are overtaken by the new dirty ones that Izzy makes. Trust me, I don't ALLOW him to do this. His nose finds that wall for GOOD chunks of the day. There is a REASON he still takes naps, so I can TRY to get stuff cleaned up! However, for as long as it takes to clean up, he's awake again and BACK AT IT!

Jason has spent days with this kid. He knows that you can clean spotless on Saturday and by Sunday it looks like you haven't cleaned in WEEKS! I enjoy a bit of chaos in my life, I really do. I find it calming. It reminds me that life really IS chaotic. Izzy takes that to the extreme.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING he does, eats, drinks ends up on the floor. Books are on the floor. He goes through our shelves and tosses them ALL. Adult books, kids books, it doesn't matter, if it's on the shelves it goes on the floor. He takes EVERYTHING out of the baggies/boxes that I have it organized in. The kids school materials. His snacks. Boxes of cereal. Packages of pretzels. Coffee filters. ALL ON THE FLOOR. He POURS his drinks out, and if he can't get it to pour, he takes a drink and SPITS it out, on to EVERYTHING. Tables, books, couches, carpet.

He isn't allowed to play upstairs alone. Jason is trying to figure out how to hang an extra door. Why? To keep Izzy out of the upstairs bath and storage room. Izzy keeps going in to the bathroom and using the litter boxes like sand boxes. Throwing it ALL over, and in to the toilet and bath tub! He gets a bath everytime he does it, AFTER he gets a spanking (000h, the spanking word, wonder how many hits I'll get for THAT? Too bad I don't have one of those things that tells me HOW people found me) and standing in time out while it is cleaned back up.

Short of keeping the boy in time out and sitting in a chair at all times, what is there to do? He KNOWS he shouldn't be doing these things. He does it as quietly as he can. When he sees an adult coming, he runs FULL tilt in the opposite direction! He KNOWS! He still does it! NONE of my kids were EVER this destructive. NONE! It's not my parenting because that has been consistent. Jason follows my lead for the most part.

Right now, I need to go clean up the living room. Izzy has speech therapy this morning. I think it would be best to give her a clean floor to work with him on. Prayers and blessings everyone. I hope your spouses/significant others are more understanding than Jason is lately and I hope that your children are better behaved than Izzy.

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