Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It Has Come to My Attention...

That BlogHer is going to be in CHICAGO next summer! Chi-town is THREE hours from me, THREE HOURS!!!! Which means, I can go!!! Well, kind of. I wouldn't go the whole week, I don't think, maybe a long weekend.

Of coarse, I have to ask, can I even GO to BlogHer without being a part of the BlogHer network? I don't have the ads. I applied. I'm on the bottom of the list, the very long waiting list I'm sure.

Miss Britt has it posted on her blog. All about it. Now, I'm pretty sure I can party like the rest of them. I don't know most of them, though I DO read them, every gosh darn day for some! I wanna be part of the cool crowd MOM! Can I Can I Can I???? HUH HUH HUH????

Now, just to figure out HOW I'm going to tell Jason that I'm going to take a long weekend to Chicago to meet a ton of people I've never met (you too DAISY!) most likely by myself where he'll have to take time off of work and spend all that time with the kids. Wait, if I drive, I can bring the olders up to Linda in Wisconsin. Now THERE'S an idea. That will Jason home with Izzy.

I don't know how it'll work out, but now I have a focus, and I wanna go! I'll figure it out.

Prayers and blessings everyone. I hope you have a great Vetran's Day. Are you working today? Sometimes it's hard to figure out who works on Vetran's Day and who doesn't, ya know?

Edited to add, I'm a COOL KID now!!! I'm a BlogHer! Woohoo!!! Still no advertising, but that's all right. Now, I just need to get to the party....oh, and you can find me on the BlogHer network as, you guessed it, serialmommy. I know, SO inventive, right?


Miss Britt said...

You're in luck. It's actually NOT a week long - just a Thurs/Fri/Sat thing. :-)

Serial Mommy said...

woohoo!!! i think i can do that! at least until the hubster sees this and says "no WAY in HELL!"